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This has been kind of a stressful's week 2 of 3 of Anders being gone. So far, I've had to deal with my son's Xtreme After-Party Vomit Splatterpalooza in the middle of the night on Saturday (too much cake & excitement, apparently, as I know he wasn't sneaking the Slushie Margaritas) and my daughter's spillage of Compound W ALL OVER THE MIDDLE of the living room chair. AAGH.

On the plus side I'm inordinately proud of myself: first because I didn't throw up as well during the horrendous clean-up aftermath and second because I didn't strangle Karin, especially since I had told her only days earlier to DO THAT IN THE BATHROOM. Though I did stomp around the house and swear for awhile during the attempts to get it out of the upholstery. Thank goodness for Oxy-Vanish which seems to be doing the trick, though I think I need to do one more application.

Today after school & work, Karin mowed the lawn (her first time, Martin did it last week) and did a fantastic job, then Martin & I dropped her off at soccer practice while we went grocery shopping. Tomorrow we plan to head down to Malmöfestivalen (Langos! Churros! Doughnuts!) for the evening, as long as the rain hasn't returned. Thursday I'm hosting Bookworms and Friday is Wonders dinner at Angie's (with kids).

My brother's birthday present for me arrived this past week, too, and O! So beautiful. He's pretty crafty and makes a lot of amazing and useful things out of wood (and broken skis, occasionally) and he sent me two candlestick holders from carved & polished apple wood: one tall that holds a taper and one short that holds two votives. Aren't they pretty? The little one even has the bark still on it, on both sides!

Forgive the crappy iPhone quality :)

He also sent a CD with the great photos that he had taken during the first week of our vacation in the States this summer and among them was this gem:

Photo copyright 2010 by John Slaughter
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From Megsie

Um. The vomit. Ewww. I hate that. And, the spills. Not much better. It sounds like you *may* be over the proverbial hump, so to speak. Only one more week... I bet you can't wait. I love that photo of your mom and your kids. So perfect. And happy! I love pictures like that. Have fun at all of your special events. I hope the rain holds off! xo

What a wonderful photo of your Mom and your kids.
Well, it isn't easy being a single Mom, even for a short stint. Pat yourself on the back for doing such a good job.


Woo hoo!!!
Photo credit on Lizardek´s obiter dictum!!!!
finally made it to the big time!

No seriously - there was more than one gem with the pics. I really like a few of the ones with just Martin and Karin clowing around under the arch.

I am pretty proud of my craftiness - about 2 dozen candle holders so far, a few Lamps, several sets of Hotpads and some things that can only be described as art... having fun with my new hobby. although sometimes I spend too much time in the basement working on something or another. still all in all not a bad thing. I keep telling Simone in 2 years I will have so much I will have to rent a stand at the local Xmas markt and sell it all off - to gain my well deserved fame... and some cash of course... to help pay for all the wonderful tools that I had to purchasae. (better than an Xbox my wife tells me...)

gotta go. my Sander is calling me.
Unkie Johnnie.


Oh yes - that photo is amazing! (As are the candlesticks too.)

- Heather

only one more week to go!

you're family is SO creatively talented--- your brother's pieces are faboo-- so cool. and sorry for the vomit-pa-LOO-za-- may your weekend be FAR more lovely! bisous, bp

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