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One more week to get through without my husband...can I do it? This past week needs to be reeled up, stuffed into a time canister and shot to the moon: I never want to see it again. There WERE good things that happened in it, don't get me wrong; it wasn't ALL bad, but man alive! I feel like my brain is spinning in circles.

On Wednesday, after work, I drove home, grabbed the kids and we took off for Malmöfestivalen to eat festival food: langos and churros and mini-smörgåstårtas. We met up with Cate's oldest daughter Paige who was visiting from the States and her youngest daughter Sydney and palled around with them for awhile. The kids went on a couple of the carnival rides and then took a turn in the giant blow-up hamster balls out on the canal. But the next day, Martin got a call from his piano teacher wondering where he had been, as he hadn't shown up for his lesson. DOH. My bad. :(

One of the nice things that happened was a whirlwind visit from my good friend Camilla. She has been living in Poland for the last 4 years, teaching English at an International school and O! how I miss her. She's a bundle of fantastic energy and she GETS me. Do you have a friend like that? I hope you do. She's only in Sweden for a short time in the summers and at Christmas and she always has a hundred people to see and a million-mile-long schedule of things to do, but she always calls and it's like being hit with a jolt of electricity. We get together for lunch or a dinner and an evening here at my house and we talk and talk and talk until we're blue in the face and it kills me because it's so great, it's like we've never been apart and yet away she goes again and it's SUCH A DRAG that she isn't here, living HERE, so I can see her more often and talk to her whenever I want. She's terrible about online correspondence but this weird 2x a year, sudden frenzy of meeting up and catching up seems to work so until and if she ever moves back I just have to accept it and love every minute of my time with her.

Thursday was just a crazy day. Book group was here, at my house, and it was 13 people coming, plus Camilla (who used to be a dedicated bookwormie and who is still in the AWC as a non-resident). Karin had soccer practice at 5:30 and I had called and arranged earlier in the week with one of the other girls' mothers that I would drive the 2 girls TO practice on Tuesday and Thursday and asked her to please pick them up since I would be hosting all these people at my house. No problem she said then, but come Thursday, an hour before practice she called to say her daughter wasn't going. AARGH. Karin's practice ends at 7, which was right when Book group starts so I had to leave before they even arrived to go get her and Martin and Camilla (who had come over for dinner) were my subs until I got back.

After all the bookgroup ladies left, Camilla stayed and we talked and talked and talked and she didn't leave until after midnight, which was lovely BUT man, was I tired the next day, and I'm STILL haven't caught up on my sleep. Last night we went to Wonders at Angie's house and also didn't get home until nearly midnight and this morning EVERYTHING went wrong.

First, I couldn't have a nice long sleep-catching-up sleep-in because we had to be up by 8 to get Karin to her soccer practice warm-up meeting at 9 in the next village over. Except I woke up at 6:22 a.m. with an awful migraine tension headache. I took Advil and drank a glass of water and stumbled back to bed and then the alarm went off at SEVEN (instead of 8) and when I reset it for 8, I accidentally set the TIME instead of the alarm and about half an hour later when I blearily glanced at the clock (still no sign of the headache abating) I completely freaked out because it said 8:30...PANIC! Karin was already up and set me quickly straight so I laid back down for the last half hour feeling like someone had shaken and stirred me completely. :( THEN to put the icing on the cake, after I had dropped Karin off and returned home to eat a quick breakfast and pick up Martin so we could return for her game at 10, she called about 20 minutes later from a chance-met friend's telephone to inform me that the game is TOMORROW. *sigh*

So, we came home, did laundry, ran the dishwasher, ate lunch, mowed the lawn, took out the recycleables and then went to the mall and the pet store (new fish!) and then sushi (raw fish!) for dinner, and the whole entire time I STILL had the damn headache. argh argh argh.

Took MORE Advil after dinner and did some AWC work, and then we had myskväll and watched a movie and FINALLY, now, at the end of the day, my head doesn't feel like it's going to explode. But I'm off to bed now in the hopes that even though I don't get to sleep in tomorrow either, at least I won't wake up in agony.

Whoa whoa whoa Wahoo Belated Birthday Wishes to wavebreaker!
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Waking up with headaches is bad!!! I feel for you and hope it is gone by morning!

Sunday morning: no headache in sight! Hurrah!

I hope you feel better, and that this week is better than last!

And I have a Camille, as well. Her name is Candice and she's in Colorado and I miss her terribly. *sigh* We need to perfect teleporters so we can get them to us when we need them!

I actually have a couple of "Camillas", and they ALL live far away except one. It would sure be nice to have all my friends nearer!

Joy here


So sorry to hear of your rough week. It will be better. Rough times always end, then the good/ peaceful times come. Here is hoping that is very soon indeed!

Re: Joy here

He's home on Friday, so we're counting down :)

Re: Joy here

Here comes Friday! (Now I have to go look up the song, Here comes the sun!)

Only a few more husband-less days... of course you can do it! I kept thinking through your Everything Gone Wrong story that you were going to sleep through taking Karin to soccer after all that... so I guess not EVERYTHING went wrong. :) Single parenting isn't easy even when everything goes right; just the weight of all that responsibility is tiring. Make sure you give yourself a reassuring pat on the back and tell that wonderful head of yours to give you a break!

It IS a weight, even though it's totally different now that the kids are big. I don't know why I'm MORE stressed out now than I was then. Drrr...

Oh GAWD. I hope the headache abated and that you got rested up. Drat.
So nice to notice the good things even amidst the difficult, but GAH, it would sure be nice to dump the difficult, wouldn't it?
If I ran the world....

The headache departed, but I think I could sleep 24-hours in a row if anyone would LET me. :D

From Megsie

Oh, no. I am so sorry you had a terrible headache and a difficult week. I agree that single parenting is hard and heavy. Tomorrow Anders comes home right? So looks like you made it! Yay! (although, I haven't read all your posts yet, so maybe you DIDN'T make it, in that case, Boo.)

Re: From Megsie

He's home and he made it up until after 9 p.m. before crashing AND he did laundry AND he cleaned the fish filter: I AM SO HAPPY he's home. :D

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