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Conversations in the Car:
Seasons in the Sun comes on the radio just as we're picking up Frida, Martin's classmate.
Liz: Happy Monday, Frida!
Frida: Unnnh
Liz: *laughs* I feel the same way but at least we have good music to make up for it! *giggles madly and turns up the volume*
Martin: You crack yourself up, don't you?
Liz: *still laughing* Yep! If I relied on everyone else to supply humor I would be a sad, sad puppy.


Why didn't I go walking today? What is stopping me? Fatigue, grumps, The Busy. Whatever, my excuses are wearing thin. Even if they're not conscious, and of course, they rarely are.

The rose of sharon bushes are flowering right now. I've seen several huge bushes of them around town. They're startling and magnificent and I want one. Someone told me that they're "junk" bushes, but I might have to get one anyway. In purple.

All the summer greenery is getting that chewed raggedy-edged autumn look. Plants and grasses are tipped with red and ochre and there's a chill in the air. It's not cold enough to freeze, but it feels close...the car windows have been blurred with water every morning; I suspect it won't be long until I'm scraping that stuff off.

Remember that big pink alien-looking flowering plant that I posted a picture of earlier this month? Apparently I over-watered it and today I noticed the flower was looking rather gray. When I inspected it further, it just ...pulled right out of the center of the plant. Oops. I wonder if I don't water it at all for a couple of weeks if it will be okay or if my black thumb has killed yet another growing thing. *sigh* This is why I only have succulents and philodendrons.

Work is getting busier by the minute. This is the first week that EVERYONE is back from vacation and the amount of work has tripled accordingly. It's LOOMING. I don't know how we'll keep up with it, and it's making me feel panicky. I've already talked to my boss about extra resources of some kind. I worked an hour late today and I SWORE I wouldn't do that anymore. ARGH.

La La Lovely Birthday Wishes to girlinthemoon!
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Your little give a damn avitar made me laugh out loud. Oh how I heart your brain.

And it's looking that way too around here--tattered around the edges, and turning from green to ocher and brown... I love fall though, and it means YOU are coming.

You are WELCOME here (though we only have one guest bedroom)! Or, I'll happily meet you half way and haul one or both boys along for the adventure...

I'll talk to my mom this weekend and we'll make plans :) That avatar always gives me a giggle :)


Oh yes...the lure of the Rose of Sharon! Succumb and you will forever be weeding the fruit of those lovely, prolific roses! Maybe we should start our own support group for getting out there walking! I'm doing the same thing! NEED HELP!!! Love, Lizardmom

Maybe what we need is a garden that seeds itself! Especially if it's with such pretty flowering bushes! :D

From Megsie

I am part of the not-walking-but-should-be club. I was even up at 5:30 yesterday and couldn't go back to sleep. I thought, "I should just go for a walk," but I just laid there in bed until 7. Tonight is is chilly, but it has been hot every night until now. It rained hard all night last night and that seemed to bring in the coolness. Frankly, it is a relief. It has been so hot, I think I will sleep good tonight. Under a BLANKET. We haven't even been using a sheet it has been so hot. I love your giving a damn thingy too. It made me laugh!

Re: From Megsie

You'd have to literally KICK me out of bed at 5:30 a.m. to get me to walk that early!

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