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Blueberry juice

2 days until Anders gets home

2 days until the weekend

All the AWC board positions have been filled with nominees

The Maxfield Parrish sunset sky tonight with bonus rainbow

Starting a new book by an author I like

Lots of fun things coming up to look forward to

All the things I knocked off my to-do list tonight

What are your reasons today?
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You always have such great good things lists :)

Reasons to be happy

Email from my friend in Taiwan. :)

Finding shiny pieces of hope in *books I've been reading.

Reconnecting with several internet friends.

One of those I have a smallish crush on. (oh, boy!)

A fun and wonderful chat with my dear aunt shee shee (nickname from one of my cousins!)

Lizard's blog to share these joys. :)

*One of those books is Michael J. Fox's A Funny thing happened on the way to the future.

(What book are you starting?)

Re: Reasons to be happy

Above post by Joy. (Was this a Freudian slip after revealing my slight crush? ;-)h

At risk of posting over my limit here!!!!!

Typos all around. Lizardek, misspelled your name(opps, sorry) and what a crazy smiley with the h stuck there!!! Joy

Re: At risk of posting over my limit here!!!!!

hahaha! There is no limit for posting! Have at it! :D

I'm starting a new Sharon Shinn, but the jury's still out: it's not like most of her books, at least not so far...the style feels very simplistic. I'm hoping it gets better.

From Megsie

Happy list:

1. Reconnecting with friends at back to school night

2. A long weekend starts NOW!

3. Sarah's giggle...all night :)

4. Franklin's snuggly-ness, he is just so squishy!

5. NO fighting before bed tonight, hooray!

Re: From Megsie

No fighting before bed? A banner day! :D

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