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A tractor plowing a field, turning under hay stubble, turning up loamy chocolate earth, a line of sentinal storks on either side waiting for their worm buffet. The sun, flat behind them, hiding their red beaks, their black and white bodies, their spikey gangly legs in a flare of brightness; stork silhouettes.

The French teacher at Martin's school, speaking in Swedish so fast with such a thick French accent that I understood maybe 1 word in 10 of what she said at the parent meeting tonight. The English teacher grabbing and shaking my hand with a hearty introduction and a "You must be Martin's mom, he looks just like you!"

Various aches and pains and the weight of fatigue that drops on me every night. Busy = exhausted, these days.

A raptor-filled dino nightmare last night: trapped in Jurassic Park and Martin is teasing the T-Rex and we won't get out and my kids will die: AIIEE!! Brought on by Karin's request for horror movies to take to her friend's movie night on Friday and grumbles when that was the only one I could come up with that was even close to a horror flick in our collection. Neither Anders nor I like or watch them; we don't own any. I grumped at her this morning for triggering the nightmare and then grumped at Martin for teasing the damn T-Rex.

Hours spent putting an HTML eNewsletter together, pulling bits and pieces into cohesion, finding perfect images to accompany articles, photo editing, layout work, presentation reviews, uploading, admin, maintenance. My to-do list is playing whack-a-mole with me. As soon as I smack one thing down, 2 more pop up and leer at me. *sigh*

Quote of the day: "Dance like the photo's not being tagged, Love like you've never been unfriended, Tweet like nobody's following." @JustJulieta

Green moss (?) balls in the fish tank make me smile every time I pass by. I feel like buying enough of them to cover the floor of the aquarium!

Could I be getting sick? Is that what this is all about? MEH.
mood: blah
music: the buzzing in my brain

From Megsie

Oh, yes. The "Blah"s. I have been too busy for them, but they are waiting for me, on the edges. I am exhausted as well. Today was the first day of school, and I was gathering paperwork up until the last minute. When they all got on the bus *together* all I wanted was to be able to tidy the house, take a long shower, and bake cookies. Instead, I gathered more paperwork and went to work. I came home and baked the first-day-of-school-cookies though. After all, it is tradition.

I don't like scary movies either. I woke up at 3:15 on the dot last night and had to fight my Amityville Horror freak out from when I watched it in 6th grade. I ended up lying there for over an hour. BLAH!

Sending you a hug, because why not? and maybe I need one too! xoxo

Re: From Megsie

Most of the time I am so busy I don't have time to think about the blahs...but I seem to be in this border-line bad mood all the time: NOT GOOD. Thanks for the hug, now where are my cookies???

Joy here

Oh, I am so sorry you are in a blah moods. Those are hideous! Tell it to scat!

I'll tell you a funny, well, it was funny to me when I thought it half-asleep... I was asleep late morning Saturday morning when my phone rang. I didn't get up to answer it. Thought if it were my mom or sister or a friend, they'd leave a message.

So, later I think... hmmm mom, sister or friend? Which one thought of me? I look at my caller ID- telemarketer! OH. Oh, well, I second thought, at least they thought of me!

I have to say you made me smile with your snap shots. Just reading about your day was sweet... then, I saw you were in a bad mood and I was sad for you. :( But the good thing about bad moods... they never last.

Here is to a sunnier Wednesday! :))))))

Re: Joy here

It's only a sort of underneath bad mood...strange, and disturbing because I don't like myself in a bad mood.

Joy here

Let me clarify. I smiled because I saw family life- that Martin resembles you, your quote of the day, the green moss balls in the fish tank. NOT smiling at your meh day. Could you post a picture of the fish tank and moss balls?

Hang in there! :)

Re: Joy here

I'll try to remember to take a photo of them!

I believe that another reason you are MEH is that you don't have "Sushi with Geena" written in your calendar. We said we' book something for September...but between surgery and travelling I have only two possible days: the 29th and the 1st of October. Do either work for you?

Let's say September 29th!! That definitely undoes the MEH. :) In my calendar!

Shit! Wait, I can't on the 29th. And Mondays are a nightmare right now...You have no other days in October? When is your surgery? I can't do it the last 2 weeks of Oct -will be in Boston.

Surgery the 15th (next week), travel to Stockholm the following week.

How about the 5th of October? I'm in the US after that and Stockholm after that.

BOOK 'EM DANO! October 5th it is!

Sorry to butt in but I see you are both going to the US in October. Let me know if you have holes in your schedules while here.

I SO wish there were time to visit everyone I wanted to. I actually am going to be so short on time that I had to disappoint my parents with the news that I can't even fit in a visit to them. :-(

Oh, I hate those underlying blahs. They are worse than the out in the open ones that you can at least hit over the head and you know there is a time limit on.
Listen to Laura Kemp! Get a massage. Take a day off. Go away for a weekend with your husband. Do something decadent and time consuming that is just for you.
Yesterday I got an amazing high just from buying myself five new pairs of cotton underwear and three pairs of socks.
I know, I'm an easy woman... well, not really... I wanted a $129 dollar Happy Lamp because while exhilarated by the cooler mornings I am in fear of the emotions that may accompany the coming rains....

Good luck with your blahs Liz. I hope I can contribute a laugh or two here and there to make a dent.

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