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Woke up at 7:42 a.m., went back to sleep for TWO HOURS, got up, showered and dressed, dusted the whole house, windexed all the glass surfaces, tidied, vacuumed, cleaned out the front hall closet, watered the plants, started laundry, went grocery-shopping, ate lunch, read 3 chapters of the book group book which I'm finding more more engaging and interesting than I thought I would. Then I fixed lunch for the kids.

In the meantime, kids cleaned up, dusted & vacuumed their own rooms, emptied garbages in the whole house. Martin helped me take out recycleables. Karin went to the grocery store with me. They both helped put the food away. Anders cleaned the bathrooms and mopped the tile floors; now he's gone for a bike ride in the drizzle.

I've sent out the last of the directory-check emails to the paid members of the AWC and updated the activities pages on the website. Now I'm going to work on the directory for an hour, then I'm going to watch the 2nd episode of Mad Men while walking on the treadmill for 40 minutes, and Anders is planning to make the delicious baked salmon & spinach dish for dinner. Then myskväll!

Take that, to-do list!
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Joy here

Wow. Productive group of peeps you are! Are you available for hire? ;)

Re: Joy here

Buy me a roundtrip and I'm there! :D

Re: Joy here

heheheee Sure! Actually, it would be mightily expensive to do that... I want ALL of you to move into my place, each take a task or two and make my place sparkle! ;)

Now, if you have a magic wand and can just wave it and be here in a blink, let me know. hahahahaaa


Take that indeed!


Yes! 3 loads of laundry done, and only 3 things left on the to-do list...had to leave SOMETHING for Sunday!

The second episode ever of Mad Men? If you're just starting out, I totally envy all the wonderfulness you've got ahead of you!

Yep! Anders brought the first 3 seasons home in a box set (from Shanghai)...and I've never seen a single episode before! Excellent motivation to treadmill: each episode is 45 minutes and I'm already looking forward to #3 tomorrow!


Oh my.... give me some of that energy please!!!


*packs it up and ships it off*

I had an hour of whack whack already this morning, but then I sat down, and I'm afraid the energy leaked out of me. I need you to whack whack my bedroom to do list. Please? Or at least send the vibe, ASAP!

I'm still in the library queue for Glee, and looking forward to it. Saw the first couple of episodes when I had netflix and that wet my appetite, but I've been waiting a very long time. I have no idea what Mad Men is, but then I didn't know Glee until you mentioned it either, so I'll try to find out about Mad Men. I find I usually like the dvd episodes you mention Liz.

I need some more of my own motivation. :) It deserted me tonight! I've watched 2 episodes of Mad Men and am already hooked :)

From Megsie

I am reading this while waiting for water to boil. I now need a nap. You, my dear, deserve a prize! I have missed you bloggy people... The hours seem to be going by the way of pac man. nom, nom, nom...

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