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The kids forced me to read 3 chapters of The Hunger Games to them today; no hardship since I want to know what happens next as much as they do. We only have 6 more chapters left: we'll be done long before the discussion date which is set for October 13th. I suspect by then I'll have been badgered into ordering the next 2 books and we'll have read them as well.

Karin has never been as much of a reader as Martin, but she gets excited by a good story, too. I don't know that I would call this a GOOD story, exactly. It's certainly in tune with the times though, and its cliffhanger chapter endings keep the story rollicking along. But it's violent and reprehensible in some ways and really makes one stop and think about the direction in which a society that subscribes to these ideals is going. Unfortunately, since it seems to be OUR society, some of the scenes in the book and the things that we're told about what has come to pass are rather sobering reflections on the what ifs of the future.

This has been a weekend of deliberate relaxation. I've slept in, taken naps, read a book and a half, done some desultory cleaning and work on AWC stuff, but nothing like so productive as last weekend. I've got a crazy busy week ahead and really needed to charge and reload for it. Yesterday was the first AWC cooking club activity in was a great favorite of mine back in the day when the club was new and we held it every couple of months for several years. Then the core group of participants moved or had babies and it fell apart and despite a couple of attempts never seemed to get it going again.

I have great hopes for it now, though...there's a lovely group of active people who are interested in keeping it going, who are offering to host and we had a fun evening yesterday, though our hostess was a little unclear on the concept since she had done a great deal of the preparation work beforehand AND made the dessert in advance.

Before, we ALL used to participate in the cooking of the entire meal from starter to main course to dessert, but since yesterday was SUSHI, it worked out just fine. We made a literal TON of the stuff and it was great and we stuffed ourselves silly and then sat around the table on the porch and talked and laughed and got to know each other better. Just exactly what the club is supposed to be about and just what I needed. There was so much sushi leftover that I was even able to bring home a plate for the kids to have for lunch today!

The kids and I went for a walk in the windy chilly sunshine and on the way back I stopped and voted and we ran into a couple speaking English outside the school. Turns out he's ANOTHER Canadian living in Flyinge!

Now I'm heading early to bed; won't even stay up to see the results of the Swedish election unless it concludes in the next 15 minutes. I suspect I know the outcome already anyway, though I could be surprised in the morning.

Super Sunny Birthday Wishes to elemmennope!
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I read the first two Hunger Games books early this year and ordered the final one as soon as it came out at the end of last month ... such a good, good series. I've tried and tried to get Lydia and Olof to read them, but without any success as yet. I'm glad you're having better luck with your brood, because they are so worth reading.

I'm surprised Lydia hasn't picked them up. My kids are enthralled!

you slay read 1.5 books this weekend and that was a relaxing weekend. i don't know HOW you read as much as you do raising a family and working full-time and with all of your activities. you are my reading HERO(INE). ;)

Reading, aside from sleeping, is my #1 way to relax :) It helps to read really fast, though :D


SO glad that the cooking group has started again. I remember what fun you had in it and I think I even went one time. Another Canadian? - a result of contact with the first? How great to find them- do they have kids in the school? About time you're taking a restful week-end! Love, Lizardmom

Totally unrelated to the first. The worst part is I can't remember his name! Just the street they live on, so will have to do some google stalking, and see if I can figure out where they are, so we can get to know them :D


You deserved that rest after everything that has happened and how busy you are!!

The election... ugh. But I guess the established parties have themselves to blame. But in the end it's the people who vote - what ARE they thinking... Grrr!!

Mia (thank you for your comment! Was so happy to "see" you there. :) )

I agree about the election...since we've been through similar things in the States, I can't say I'm surprised, still it's discouraging to see the SDs gain so much popularity here :(

Glad you had a relaxing weekend. You were due.
And a sushi making party, great! What fun.
We are talking Tamale Party around here. We shall see if it happens.

Someone mentioned tamales at the end of the evening...maybe it will be next! :D

Yum. I wanna come for tamale night!
I think we might have a small one here though. Ours would be vegan tamales of course.
Now I'm all tamale girl and can hardly wait to go to Saturday Market (week after next) to my favorite tamale booth. OH, I wish I could go this weekend, but I will be dog sitting in Corvallis.

From Megsie

I know I am LATE AGAIN. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day with the sleeping and the reading. I am missing bookclub for the second time in a row, and I haven't really read a "fun" book in I don't know how long. Needless to say, I am so jealous!

Re: From Megsie

There is no LATE in blogging :) I think you should give yourself the gift of some reading time...though I know you have A LOT on your plate just now. Breathe deep! It will smooth out!

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