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This has been a lovely, busy weekend. Karin had a soccer tournament in Halmstad all day Saturday. They played 7 games (short games of 16 minutes in several cases) and came in 3rd. She spent the night with one of her teammates, though I doubt either of them got much sleep :) Martin and I were supposed to go to the Gothenburg Book Fair as part of an AWC event but the other 3 members who had said they might go backed out, so instead he and I ended up going into Malmö. We hit two bookstores, and found several choices each, then walked around town a bit, had lunch together and then stumbled upon the Arts & Handicrafts Market going on at Lillatorg; I found 2 beautiful glass bead bracelets!

Today Karin had another soccer game (full-length this time) against Borgeby and we came with to watch and cheer them on. Karin scored her first goal playing with this new team and they won, to boot. We had hotdogs in the windy weather for lunch and then went to the AWC pumpkin patch, also in Borgeby, as it turned out, with 60+ members who braved the chilly windy weather to pick their Halloween pumpkins.

We were invited to dinner tonight with Catherine and Nik, the last BBQ of the season, I suspect...when I asked what I could bring, Catherine told me "something dessert-ish" and I immediately remembered that awesome Caramel Pie that Frida's mom had made for the hemspråk end-of-team party this past spring, so I asked her on Thursday to ask her mom for the recipe so I could make it. On Friday, when I picked her up for school and asked her if her mom had given it to her, she replied, "No. She doesn't want to give out the she's making you one."

Well, okay then!

So instead of coming home after the pumpkin patch to make a pie, I picked it up instead, ready to go, and thanked her profusely...though I still want the recipe, darn it. What am I supposed to do the next time I want one? Order it again??

We walked over to the other side of the village where Catherine & Nik live and had a feasty meal of Thai food with grilled pork kebabs, and delicious red curry vegetables with rice and a fantastic peanut sauce that Catherine was whipping up when we got there. Then we ate the pie and talked for awhile and then they walked us home through the wild, windy night. Wonderful!

Wild Windy Wonderful Belated Birthday Wishes to sealwhiskers!
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Joy here

Halloween! Not yet! Okay, it is still a month away. Whew! ;-)

Guess what? Next weekend I am volunteering at the National Storytelling Festival held every year just 20 miles from me. AND I was wanting someone to do this with, instead of doing it alone again. Well, a student from NYC wrote our dept. and asked if anyone has a couch she could sleep on!

Sooooo, I have company coming on Thursday! Will wonders never cease? I am excited, can you tell? ;-)

Re: Joy here

What fun! A storytelling festival sounds like a really good time!

You guys are always so busy but it sure looks great!

I know, it's nuts around here: go go go!

ah, fall. great pics! i can't believe how much the kids' faces are changing (in a good way)...they're growing up, Mom! ;)

EEK! I wish they would slow down a bit! Martin is officially taller than me now!

From Megsie

I LOVE your pictures! So wonderful! I think that it is weird that the woman wouldn't give you her recipe. But, hey, at least you didn't have to bake it! Kind of nice. We have been in the thick of soccer season too, I can honestly say that I can't wait until it is over! Sending love your way...xo!

Re: From Megsie

Her daughter informed me today that she IS going to give me the recipe (probably to forestall me ordering another pie!) but she's going to give me the BOOK because it's long and complicated...uh oh.

I love the pumpkin patch photos Liz. It takes me back. We would take our kids to the pumpkin patch every year. The rule was, you could get any pumpkin that you could carry by yourself to the checkout. It was a fun tradition. I remember years when (this was a huge patch we went to) one or more of my children would start out with mammoth pumpkins and exchange them for smaller and smaller ones as they struggled to the front.
I can hardly wait to take Dylan!

Both the kids actually traded UP after these photos were taken!!


Ask her if she'd send the pie recipe to Kansas? Although if she wanted to ship a pie to me via FedEx overnight, that'd work too!


I was told today that I'll get the recipe after all, so I'll send it on as soon as I actually have it!



Karin's pumpkin is perfection! It will probably be another month before they start to show up around here... but I can use every minute of that to mentally gear up for the effort of turning pumpkins into puree.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm pie!!

Cool photos!

Aaah I LOVE squash! Is there a pumpkin patch anywhere near Lund? I want one!

Happy fall!

- Kate Wiseman

Re: Cool photos!

Hi Kate! I don't know of any other, but this one isn't that far from's even on the bus route, I think. Let me know if you need the map/directions.

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