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UGH. I would like a weekend do-over, please. Except for the party I attended last night which was really fun and a huge success, this has not been a couple of days I'd like to keep. I'd rather hand them back in and get new ones, please.

I'm the membership officer for the American Women's Club and come September one of my responsibilities is to chase down membership fees for the new season and determine whether or not members are renewing. If they are, then I need to update their info in the printed directory, which I also handle (not as part of those duties, just because I have the layout knowledge and don't mind the job) and if they aren't, then I have to deactivate them, update that info in several places and send them a thank you email.

But what about those members who never respond to the many reminders we send out via email and the website and the newsletter before the deadline for the new season arrives? How are we supposed to know that they want to renew? As a final resort, after the deadline has passed, and a WHOLE MONTH of grace period, we call them. Or, well, I call them. Because I have found over the many years that I have been doing this, that many people need that personal nudge. They genuinely don't MEAN to forget; they plan to renew but for whatever reason, they just haven't gotten around to it.

And since it's more work to deactivate someone, remove them from all the lists and then have to add them back after they get the deactivation email and react in shock, I've found that calling all the people who we haven't heard from is usually worth the effort. But I do wish that it wasn't such a CHORE sometimes. I feel like the bad guy quite often. People who don't want to renew sometimes just don't bother to respond at all, apparently assuming that their silence will be taken as a signal or that we will somehow just KNOW. *sigh*

So now I've gone through the entire member list of over 180 people, called all the ones we hadn't heard from or received payments from, verified the wishes of those I could reach, deactivated several people and sent out several emails to confirm directory details. I still have several directory checks to send out, but will probably do them tomorrow, as I'm really not in the mood tonight.

One of my first friends, who has been in the club nearly as long as I have, decided not to renew her membership this year, and I'm afraid I took it personally. I was so upset and bummed out and, admittedly, sad yesterday. Like she had betrayed ME personally, despite my conscious mind KNOWING that it has nothing to do with me. I think it's mostly because our friendship grew with the club and we had so much fun in the early years and I thought it was as important to her as it is to me despite knowing that she hasn't had the same level of interaction or commitment to it for ages.

To top it all off, today I spent FOUR HOURS in dead-stop traffic chaos at the local mall where they have closed off the second of only 2 entrances to the entire shopping complex, feeling my blood pressure absolutely shoot through the roof and very glad that I did not have any blunt instruments or projectile weapons because otherwise a couple of BMW drivers would for sure have been squirting blood at my hands. Thank god I could vent on Facebook via my iPhone. I even called the non-emergency police number to ask why no one had been sent to direct traffic and was informed that they knew all about it and had gotten thousands of calls already and "someone" "was" "on the way"...which I call bullshit on.

And tomorrow I meet my new boss.
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I saw your FB statuses - crazy about the 4 hours in the parking lot!

Good luck tomorrow, and hope the rest of your week goes better than today for sure.


We shall see!

From Megsie

I think you should get a free massage from the AWC for doing all of that work. That would make it so much better, wouldn't it? I think I would have taken it personally if one of my close friends ditched the club too. I totally understand why you would be sad about that. Rational thoughts are many times superseded by irrational ones. I would have reacted the same way.

And FOUR HOURS in a parking lot??? That is just plain crazy. I would have LOST IT!

Here's hoping that you make up for this weekend next weekend! And I hope you have had a relaxing Sunday night at least. xo!

Re: From Megsie

I was pretty darn close to losing it, you can bet.

And thanks for the understanding helps to know my reaction wasn't maybe as off-kilter as I thought it was.

Spoken as someone who've done a lot of work of various organizations and clubs, I think your particular job there should be divided between 2 people, at least.

It's especially crazy right now at turnover time, certainly. But all the board members have a lot to do, it's not like I'm the only one :)

Thing One: I quit the club last year but still love you. Adore you. Treasure you. So much so that...

Thing Two: I have you down in my calendar tomorrow for lunch. Are we still on?

Thing Three: Really. Adore you.

:) Yes, we are!! But just so you know, I have a meeting from 10:30 to 11:30 and there is a slim chance that I will be pushing it to get out to you to be picked up on time, so DON'T LEAVE WITHOUT ME. I am coming!!

I have a telephone conference that ends right at 1130 at which time I will hop in my car and drive to you, so I don't think we'll have any trouble on that end.

Was there ever any evidence that the cops actually did send someone out to direct traffic? That would have driven me insane.

Yikes! 4 hours!! That is insane!!! I hope you had a book on tape, or I guess since you were at a dead stop, even a book would have worked.
May you week ahead be much more satisfying than your weekend was.

You have NO idea how much I was wishing I had a book with me. I went back into the mall at one point and bought a car charger for my iPhone so at least I could vent on Facebook!


Anything that begins with UGH has got to be deep. In this case, deep in ca ca! 2010 has proved to be a year with significant change. Some good, some not so good. And yet, we roll on.

I don't know about DEEP, exactly. Just a bad couple of things. :) I know lots of people who have things way worse right now!


whoops! that (above) was me. ~ sherry

i drove past lund on the 108 saturday afternoon, saw the traffic slowly oozing out from nova and thought "oh boy, glad i'm not stuck in that!" :)

Don't go near the joint until that construction is done!

well, that parking lot nightmare would have been enough to send anyone off the deep end. but all of that membership dues tracking, calling, emailing...ACK! i *hate* projects like that. sounds like you could use a big fat (okay, if it's coming from me, skinny) HUG. xoxo

I've got the big fat part covered, so a hug it is!

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