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Like: Sushi lunch today with brief_therapy

Dislike: having a million meetings booked this week and next week at work. What gives? I NEVER have meetings!

Like: my new boss seems pretty okay

Dislike: except that I found out today she's 10 years younger than me.* sigh

Like: that I'm DONE calling, emailing and confirming all of the AWC members and can start finalizing the directory

Dislike: the way LJ keeps acting up lately

Like: Third Rock From the Sun reruns on Comedy Central

Dislike: how many of my photos bounce when I try to upload them to Flickr

Like: the fact that Karin read Catching Fire in 3 days and is already halfway through Mockingjay

Dislike: the fact that I now have to wait for both her AND Martin to finish them before I get to read them

Like: the book I'm reading: Connie Willis' Blackout. I love Connie Willis.


Looking forward to: Bookworms on Thursday, Wonders on Friday (sort of), sleeping in on Saturday, Dinner with Mats & Annelott on Sunday, massage on Monday, Little Big Bookgroup on Wednesday, AWC Handover Board meeting on Thursday, leaving for Boston on Friday for 2 weeks and then a week of vacation in Italy!! Also, getting to see Lizardmom, Sam & Joanne, Christina and Bethany, and hopefully e11en!

Fluffy Nutterbutter Belated Birthday Wishes to galestorm!

*Which makes her NINETEEN, for those of you keeping count :P
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music: Culture Club—Karma Chameleon


Nineteen, huh? ;-)


You're counting! :D

Good timing. The sequel to Blackout comes out 10/19. I read it early in the summer not realizing it was a part 1, and was horrified to find out that it's a two parter with the sequel not out yet!

I didn't realize it was a 2-parter, either, but now I'm halfway through it, so too late!

From Megsie

I LOVE this post!

Even though I am more than a little jealous that you get to see Christina and Bethany. NO FAIR! I want to come too!

Sending you a big hug and LOVE!


Re: From Megsie

Well, plans are firmed up with Christina but not yet with Bethany, so I hope she answers my email (or sees this comment!) soon!! :)



Whoa whoa whoa!! Bethany AND Christina? That's too much. You're hogging the blog love! I see that you had a hard day today at work and I am hoping that tomorrow is better. Sending you LOVE. And how much do I love that Karin is reading The Hunger Games trilogy? That all of you are! Beaux has decided he wants to read it, too - I love it when we read the same books!

:) Sam

It was a hard WEEK at work, and next week probably won't be any easier, but such is life.

And I know! If I manage to see them both I will definitely be hogging the blog love! I just have to figure out a way to see YOU!!!

I like this, and may have to steal your form here. Always looking for new ways to do lists you know.
Boston, huh? Well have a wonderful time Liz!

I always feel like I'm cheating when I resort to meme-ish posts, but sometimes it's all I've got, you know?

Don't feel like you're cheating. Of course we like a full blown entry from you Liz, but sound bites are better than no bites! And you know me, I'm a list lover.

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