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Oh HAI! I haz a blog!


So, yeah, that happened! And lots of other stuff, too. Two weeks in Boston, working like a maniac and shopping/eating/playing every evening with a maple-syrup-drenched Vermont weekend which involved a much-too-short visit with Christina and my aunt & uncle went like a FREAKING FLASH! I literally cannot believe I am already back in Sweden. As the plane was taxiing to the terminal after a very smooth landing in the dark dark morning of Nordic a.m., I thought, "I just did this in reverse, like yesterday!" Only it was two whole weeks ago!

We spent the first day driving up to the northern cost of Massachusetts and walking around Newburyport, which was lovely. New England in the autumn is literally breath-taking. Every red maple stopped my in my tracks. It was hard to drive; I was constantly distracted by beauty.

Every single day of the week, we got up early, had hotel breakfast, and I went to work, while Mom stayed cozy at the hotel reading and doing crosswords and walking and whatever else she found to get up to. I worked and worked and barely came up to breathe during my hours at the office, and then I drove home in a autumn-leaf haze and we went out somewhere good to eat: Legal Seafood, Not Your Average Joe's, Macaroni Grill, Cheesecake Factory, etc. and then went shopping.

Guys, can you believe I didn't go to the bookstore until the second to last night before we left?? I CAN'T! The worst part was, when we finally did go, I couldn't get my iphone to connect and download my booklist! Still. Ended up with several goodies; was satisfied with the result, although most of the books I really wanted (and the ones I wanted for the kids) were all still in hardcover. Having to wait 18 months for books to come out in paperback makes me grumpy. Want read NOW.

And then, after the shopping was done, we came back to the hotel EARLY and I collapsed in bed around 9:30 every night. I had literally no energy to read emails or blog or read or anything online. I am sorry for my absence, but such was life.

On the first Friday, we drove up through the gorgeous mountains of Paradise...I mean, Vermont. We stopped for dinner at a place off the highway in Randolph and had an amazing dinner of pork tenderloin with eggplant puree and rutabaga terrine with tarragon spaetzle (The Three Stallions Inn) and ended up at Christina & Todd's gorgeous farmhouse in the woods late in the evening.

The next day Christina and her adorable kids entertained us while Todd whipped up a delicious breakfast of bacon and pancakes with local maple syrup and then she and her oldest boy spent the day with us at the Ben & Jerry's factory in Waterbury and lunching in Stowe.

There was more, but I'm pretty zombified right now, after having only 2 hours of actual sleep in the last 32 and still have to pack and prepare for our Italy trip tomorrow.

No promises about the amount of posting this next week either, but I promise to be a regular once we're back! I miss you guys!
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