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Sick to my stomach this morning, presumably from stress, since I know I'm not pregnant and I don't think I have a flu bug. :( bleah Getting up earlier than normal and racing around like an idiot getting kids dressed and ready, plus eating breakfast, which is not a normal activity I indulge in, are the most likely culprits. Plus I'm so tired I feel I could just pass out any second. I'm at work, but considering either using the "nap room" or going home for a few hours. I can't be sick...I have a concert tonight. I feel like I'm peering out of slits instead of eyes.

Choir practice was great last night, we went through the program we'll be singing tonight, and everything went very well. Two of the songs are an absolute joy to sing, and everyone thought my totally American pronunciation of Hårgalåten was hilarious :) The concert isn't until 8 p.m. and most likely we won't be done until around 10 p.m., but thankfully my way-too-nice in-laws are picking up the kids and will be babysitting tonight as well. Too bad the TV colors are still purple, green and pink, since I know that's what they'll do all evening.

I was asked today to chair a committee for FAWCO. I'm very flattered but have several misgivings. It's a formalization of the News Exchange section of their website which I've been running for the last year or so. It's been VERY informal and sporadic, which has suited me just fine as if it was a lot of work I'd probably have unloaded it by now. I like FAWCO and I want to be involved, but I'm a little wary of the whole "committee" thing.

I need to finish the AWC website, which is waiting for just one confirmation on an activity and get it uploaded for proofing, but won't be able to do so until Saturday, most likely. Tomorrow is Social Circle, but it's in Helsingborg, and I have to take the kids with me. The hostess's little girl Caitlinn is REALLY looking forward to getting to play with Martin and Karin, though :)

The kids were at Emily's apartment last night while I was at choir practice and Karin told me in the car that she and Martin weren't happy that they didn't get to stay longer. It was 3 hours, but you know how time flies when you're having fun. Apparently, Emily made a huge "snow pile" of the bed coverings and let the kids jump on the bed to their heart's content and then they watched a movie and ate cinnamon buns.
tired & nauseous
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I hope you feel better in time for the concert!

thanks. I HATE getting sick! :(

No fair, I wanna watch movies and jump on the bed and eat cinnamon buns! Take it easy today and I hope the concert goes well.

me, too! :) thanks :)

Vad kul att du sjunger i kör! Vad sjunger ni mera än Hårgalåten?

This concert is kind of a mix. Do you know Hårgalåten? I LOVE IT! We're singing another super cool song called Titania (also in Swedish) and a round called Lyckan är Gul. Then we're doing a Swedish version of "A Whole New World" from Aladdin (not a personal favorite), and in English, we're singing "Over the Rainbow" (in a kick-ass 4-part harmony) and Killing Me Softly (pretty, but a weird arrangement). We're also working on a big Christmas program. :) Have 3 Xmas concerts coming up!

Jag brukade sjunga i tre (3!) körer när jag var yngre, jag kan fortfarande alla stämmor på de vanligaste julsångerna. Sen var det ju alla Luciasångerna, och du kan väcka mig mitt i natten så sjunger jag andrastämman på vilken som helst av dem. Jag saknar körsången ibland.

Why don't you find a choir again? I haven't been singing for a million years, and I, too, was in 3 choirs as a teenager :) I missed it so much. I sang quite a bit even in Chicago, and found a women's choir there, too. But since moving here, I just haven't been able to make it work until now.

How do you know you're not pregnant?

*waits for Liz's screaming to die down*

Hope you feel better and that the concert goes well tonight!

It would have to be the child of God. LOL

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