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  • Staring into hyperspace snow for 40 minutes while simultaneously trying to keep the edge of the road in sight is VERY nerve-wracking.

  • Why is it every time I have to drive somewhere in the evening it's in white-out conditions?

  • I keep hoping that the constant wind that is piling up drifts of snow will eventually blow it all out of the driveway and I won't have to shovel.

  • Or that I can at least put it off until Anders gets home on Friday...muahahahaha!

  • Extremely aggravated that my husband's car is nice and toasty and UN-ICED-UP in the garage while the one I'm driving, which has to be wiped, scraped and warmed every morning, is in the driveway. I tried to swap them tonight, but guess what? Lock was frozen shut on the door and I couldn't get in. Drrr

  • Today we had snow AND sunshine at the same time. It sure was pretty!

  • Why isn't hibernation an option? Zzzzzzzzzzzz
In other news, my brother-in-law has apparently added "pewter dragons" to his Christmas wish list. I am, to put it mildly, perplexed. He's neither a dragon nor a figurine person, as far as I'm able to judge. FTW? Am having to squash my immediate urge to find one of those little incense-filled stores that sell fairy resin figures and have gods-eyes and batik and bead curtains hanging in the windows, and buy them out. HAHAHA!

Snowy Blowy Birthday Wishes to georgiamars!
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I love that I'm not the only one who thinks of it as hyperspace snow...but sorry that you had the stress of navigating through it without a Wookie to help you!

No Wookies, sadly, just kids! It's STILL snowing. Crazy week!

Be careful! That driving into the blowing snow with the headlights on can be VERY hypnotic. I am all for hibernation. Neither a fit night out for man nor beast!

I agree! That, plus the butt-heat, was making it VERY difficult!


I on the other hand do not want to set foot in one of those stores, so I shall get the socks on his wish list instead. :)

We still have only a dusting but the wind temp was well below freezing for the last two days. Drive safe.

Love Seester


I personally think he is pulling our chains with that idea! I have another idea he hasn't thought of- going for that gift...I think! And we finally have had some snow flurries and freezing for 2 days now- I however, still have flowers in pots to empty, driveway markers to put in the ground, and all my dead flowers still waiting for haircuts, plus a firepit to cover with a tarp! I'm only 6 weeks behind schedule! Love, Lizardmom

You'll have to come here for some good snow! It's STILL snowing!

Socks, schmocks, he's getting pewter dragons from me for the REST OF HIS LIFE! :D

From Willow

hahahahaha. Pewter dragons?! I can think of maybe 10 of those stores here in the SF Bay Area, including one I walk past every day when I go to Berkeley. They also have all kinds of pot smoking paraphernalia, and rough wool shawls and lots of scented candles. If any of those are on peoples' Christmas lists this year you could get all your shopping done in one place LOL.

Re: From Willow

I could totally get all my shopping done in that place! Everyone wants pot smoking paraphernalia, rough wool shawls, scented candles and pewter dragons, don't they??

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