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  • Staring into hyperspace snow for 40 minutes while simultaneously trying to keep the edge of the road in sight is VERY nerve-wracking.

  • Why is it every time I have to drive somewhere in the evening it's in white-out conditions?

  • I keep hoping that the constant wind that is piling up drifts of snow will eventually blow it all out of the driveway and I won't have to shovel.

  • Or that I can at least put it off until Anders gets home on Friday...muahahahaha!

  • Extremely aggravated that my husband's car is nice and toasty and UN-ICED-UP in the garage while the one I'm driving, which has to be wiped, scraped and warmed every morning, is in the driveway. I tried to swap them tonight, but guess what? Lock was frozen shut on the door and I couldn't get in. Drrr

  • Today we had snow AND sunshine at the same time. It sure was pretty!

  • Why isn't hibernation an option? Zzzzzzzzzzzz
In other news, my brother-in-law has apparently added "pewter dragons" to his Christmas wish list. I am, to put it mildly, perplexed. He's neither a dragon nor a figurine person, as far as I'm able to judge. FTW? Am having to squash my immediate urge to find one of those little incense-filled stores that sell fairy resin figures and have gods-eyes and batik and bead curtains hanging in the windows, and buy them out. HAHAHA!

Snowy Blowy Birthday Wishes to georgiamars!
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