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As it stands right now, I could never be a vegetarian because: mmmmmmmmm, bacon.

I have zero interest in the dream you had last night.

My favorite holiday used to be Halloween, now it's Christmas. My favorite time of year used to be autumn, now it's spring. Both of these changes are due to 14 years of living in Sweden.

None of the people I care about most, besides my husband and children, live in the same country as me.

I spend much more time playing Spider Solitaire or Sword of Fargoal than anyone suspects.

I'd rather chew off my own arm than talk politics or religion with most people.

I had huge crushes on Bill Bixby and Michael Landon for years.

It makes me kind of sad that my husband goes to bed much later than I do, and on the rare occasions when he actually goes to bed before me, it makes me kind of mad.

I often feel superior to people in malls.

I don't understand the appeal of Adam Sandler or zombies.

I hide more than half the people on my Facebook Friends list from my News Feed.

I believe it's possible to jinx yourself.

Email and the Internet are awesome but sometimes I really miss getting letters.

Reincarnation is a very compelling theory.

I hate it when I'm overweight but more I hate how long it takes me to get motivated to do something about it.

Twitter: I don't get it.

I snore (much as I hate to admit it).

Your turn!


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I agree with you on so many of your points, it is scary. Only exception - my husband goes to bed a lot earlier than me, and that makes me mad, unless he goes to bed later.

Also, I need to look up who Bill Bixby is.

We should set up a letter writing club. I think mailboxes are quite lonely these days.


Bill Bixby - the Hulk! (among many others)

I think a letter-writing is a great idea but really hard to get going...I do try and write letters once in awhile, but mostly for my own enjoyment of letter writing and knowing that the person getting it will be pleased. I almost never get any back. My friend Kathey is the only one that replies in kind :)

My friend Beth does write me. We both love sending and receiving letters and cards.
My daughter Laurel has asked me to never stop writing to her and sending mail, so I know she enjoys receiving, but she seldom sends me anything...on trips though, she does. I have postcards from her from all over the world.

So Liz. I've been a bad computer grrl and when my computer died last summer I lost all sorts of info. You address was part of that loss. I just realized that as I tried to send surprise snail mail (just a post card) to you. Address??

Platanvägen 25
S-24747 Flyinge

Thanks Liz.
Of course you knew I meant "your" address, not "you" address, right? I didn't see the typo until just now. I have been a space cadet. Last night, I discovered this morning, I left the front door unlocked.

It makes me kind of sad that my husband goes to bed much later than I do, and on the rare occasions when he actually goes to bed before me, it makes me kind of mad.

This could be me writing!! I try to wiggle my bedtime closer to his but I really shouldn't cause I need my sleep. So does he need his, but he's stubborn!

I gave up on wiggling bedtimes and also on trying to stay awake. I know what you mean: I need my sleep! :)


Lesley Ann Warren.

Don't go to malls, but grocery stores? My inner Smug Man is alive. Particularly when people lean on their carts.

I believe I'm up to 75% hidden Facebook friends. Mostly because they post about politics and religion.

I tend to substitute "willing" for "motivated" these days, seems to work better.


And playing fast and loose with a syllogism, since I don't live in Sweden, I will make a pleasant assumption...


Grocery stores! hahahaha! Yep.

And also: *smile*


Hey, lemme tell you about a dream I had last night... Ok, so first of all, you were a vegetarian. Vegan, actually. Bill Bixby and Michael Landon were zombies, and had chewed each other's arms off. Both of them had Twitter feeds talking about their favorite Adam Sandler movies (they had endless material). You were obsessed with reading their tweets, especially the ones about religion and politics, and you spent all your time roaming through malls looking for vegetarian bacon.

Oh, and I was flying and had forgotten to study for a test.


You're at a mall right now, aren't you?

Oh my, what lovely confessions!
And another list... you know how I love lists.
My theory is, you gotta send letters to get letters...but you've got to send more than you expect to get, because few will respond in kind. I send post cards, because they are short, fun, easy, and I am obsessed with them. And then somebody else can have the pleasure of receiving snail mail even if they don't feel like sending any.

I was thinking of you when I wrote this because I remember mentioning it some time ago, and you replying that you were looking forward to reading it :)

I agree about the letter-writing. I DO write letters once in awhile (after I get motivated, see above), but it never lasts very long, especially since I so rarely get replies.

but what if i was dreaming about BACON?! ;) i like the list. i feel much more comfortable at Twitter than FB. because FB is such an odd mix of family, old school friends, coworkers from previous lives, etc. i sometimes see updates and think who ARE you people?! (blogging friends excepted.) that doesn't happen to me at Twitter because even if they're strangers, i only follow them if i dig their vibe.

OK OK, if you were dreaming about BACON. Haha!

It's funny because both FB and Twitter are these long lists of things to catch up on, but I feel like at least on FB I can follow a conversation in the comments of a post. On Twitter it's all over the place. I stop in there once in awhile, just to have this feeling reinforced. :P

Your confessions mirror mine at almost every point.

I stopped hiding people on facebook and just deleted my account. I don't get facebook any more than I don't get twitter.

I do skim past a very large number of posts on my LJ friends list. (Never yours'. I miss you when you travel and don't post.)

My idea of a perfect Sunday is to sleep as late as my body sleeps and then sit on the sofa all freaking day in my pajamas with my laptop and the TV remote close at hand. (When I actually get to have a day like that I feel guilty about it when it's time to go to bed.)

That's pretty much my idea of a perfect Sunday, too...however, it rarely rarely happens these days.

Again, almost point for point for me, as well. Please feel free to hide my Facebook account from your news feed. I'm only there to keep up with my kids/grandkids and some knitting stuff. I never post anything of interest. Never.

However, I don't snore! Please don't ask my husband about it, he fibs!


Well I feel privileged that you at some point must read my newsfeed because you do comment on my updates!


Just popping here and reading things like this make me realize that I do miss lj.

Also, for what it's worth, a friend of mine (also an lj'er - frumiousb) recently lost 24 lbs in 24 weeks by going (mostly) vegetarian. It's tempting me to give up bacon.

Joy here

I must confess I am a little sad that I can't share my dreams with you. :D But I do have a friend that interprets dreams and she is quite helpful, so it's okay. ;-) HA

I am extremely tired after taking a trip from TN to WI. 15 hours each way will do it! (Left on Thursday early, early morning, returned late, late, okay early, Monday morning!)

Other than that, I got nothing. ;0 ALSO, I hope you're still reading this thread! :)

Re: Joy here

Of course I am! I see all the comments that come in, no matter how old the post is :)

Re: Joy here

Cool! Okay, then, in the same thought patterns of Russell and Calif_fever I'll tell you about my dream! Only, it isn't about bacon, sorry!

Okay, just fooling around! Really, I love my online friend's ability to tell me what my dreams mean. She takes the emotional content and tells me how things are going and many times confirms thoughts I have about me, and I haven't told her them! Wonderful talent she has!

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