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I never really thought about what it would mean, 13 years ago, when you were born...that at some point you would grow UP. Grow beyond, pass me with a smile and a wave and that glint of mischief in your eye. I mean, I KNEW it was coming, but it wasn't any kind of tangible real thing then. That you would grow from a baby with the most darling feet and dimple to a toddler to a child to a preadolescent to a TEENAGER.

Now you're in 7th grade. You're thirteen! You're the most amazing person and all I can do is marvel at you, nearly every day. I remember being thirteen (back in the Stone Age). It was the year I met my best friend, the year I began to understand how the world worked and what it meant to grow up; at least the beginning of a glimpse of what it meant (I'm still learning what it means, actually. You'll see!). Thirteen was being poised on the edge: no longer a child in so many ways, but adulthood still frustratingly far away. It comes faster than you think: enjoy every minute of being a teenager, kid. I love you! Happy birthday, Martin!

Martin 2010
music: Indigo Girls—You and Me of the 10,000 Wars


It's crazy, isn't it? I'm loving these years...but I always say "it's my favorite age!" whether my kids are 6 months old or 13 years. Every age/stage is incredible.


Happy Birthday Martin!


Happy Birthday to my wonderful and everything your Mom said Nephew!!! Rachel is here and says Happy Birthday too. Tom, I am sure would also, but he is in Virginia and Bryce gets to sleep for another 1/2 hour.
Love From all of us!!!
Aunt Sarah (aka Seester)

PS your gift went to the post office today.

What a handsome young man!


The question now is, is he taller than you? Kyle has passed me and now I look up to him!

Oh yes, enjoy every happy day-- and Lizardek you must too!

~ sherry

He's JUST over my height now.

Aw, Happy Birthday Martin! So far, I don't find the teenage years the horror story everyone goes on about. I think we'll both have a lot of fun in the next few years :o)


Oh those words were so pretty they brought tears to my eyes! Your children are blessed to have you as their mom, as blessed as you are to be their mom!

Grattis Martin!



That kid is just about the most delicious fellow within a 50 mile radius. Swedish miles even. I just want to bite his cheeks off he's so delicious.

Grattis på födelsedagen Martin!

What a great kid, er, teenager. Where did the time go?


Happy Birthday Martin! What a great photo - I am anxiously awaiting my copy, so I can show off my oldest Grandson! You are a super person- enjoy the teen years! Love, Lizardmom

Happy birthday, Martin!!!

Wow Liz, you've been a Mom for 13 years now. What a career. Remember to celebrate your part in the whole deal.
And Happy Birthday to Martin!!

oh smooshy!

what a beautiful young MAN- my gosh-- they grow'em handsome in Sweden.

Gros bisous, Martin-- bp

P.s. ask your mom to send you to US for your birthday . .

that's such a great photo of Martin! hope he had a great b'day. they grow so darn fast.

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