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I bought Christmas presents for my in-laws today: theater tickets to see Madame Butterfly at the Malmö Opera in January. All I have left to get are a couple of small stocking stuffers and I'll do that tomorrow or Wednesday. Everything else is done, except wrapping. And even half of that is done already! Cookies have been baked (4 kinds: Rice Krispie Holly Bars, Reindeer poop, Holiday balls and tonight, frosted sugar cookies) and all the cards were mailed last week. We haven't received several envelopes/packages that are supposedly en route, so I sure hope they get here in time! I think this is the least stressed Christmas I've had in years...except for work. Work is STILL nuts. After Wednesday, however, I won't care. At least for 11 days I won't!

Sparkly Glittery Sugar Bomb Belated Birthday Wishes to Melanie!
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