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This has been a cold and snowy winter so far. It started snowing in early November and it hasn't let up yet. In fact, it's snowing now; it's been snowing all day. We're supposed to get another foot or so, which brings us up to at least 3 feet, at least. And with the wind sculpting the snow into wild white piles, some of the drifts are up to my waist. I love the snow—you won't catch me complaining. It brightens everything up...there's no way I'd trade this brilliant brightness for another rainy dark cloud-covered Skåne winter. And even with all the snow, we've had lots of sunny days. Sometimes I think that you get more sun when you have more snow. Could that be so?

On one of the recent sunny days, the kids decided to do something about the giant pile of snow in front of the house that Anders had shoveled up from the driveway and the pavement. A snow cave the first idea, but it rapidly progressed into a real feat of engineering: a snow tunnel!

The light at the end of the tunnel

NOT the light at the end of the tunnel!

This was several days ago. There's at least twice that much snow on the ground now, and the snowpile with the tunnel in it has been covered and softened...and caved in on one end. It's still swirling down, dancing in the streetlights, flinging itself madly about. O! Snow!

Swirly Girly Birthday Wishes to Kathey and a Bucketful of Belated Ones to Laini!
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I too love how the snow here brightens up the otherwise grey and dark winter days!

Neat tunnel :) I remember building small igloos (or trying to at least) when I was a kid. Fun!


Love the Tunnel! Bryce has worked and built many forts this year, but Rachel does not like to "play in the snow" any more. :( I also love the way the snow makes everything so bright. It is really beautiful with the light form the moon reflecting off it. So bright that it wakes us up. :) MOre coming for us starting tonight.
Love Seester

From Megsie

We have had massive amounts of snow as well! It began the day after my birthday with a big wet storm, then we had barely anything until December 11. That storm closed my college campus, even before it STARTED SNOWING. I was complaining until I woke up the next day. Yeah. Nobody would have made it to class. We got DUMPED ON. We shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. Since then we have had several significant snow falls one of which is happening now. It began snowing last night and is still snowing now.

My kids made a snow cave in the big snow storm, but it has since CAVED in...Ha! I still love playing in the snow, but I haven't had time. Maybe I will get out there today!

I have loved all of your posts that I have not commented on, especially the "confessions" I am nosy like that. I love secrets.

So happy that you are all set to have a Merry Christmas!

Love to you!

Joy here

Wonderful snow-work! I love snow too!

Want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for having such a delightful blog! :)


Love those photos!! :)

Here it's snowing at this moment and more to come, I love it!

But I heard from my grandfather's sister who lives in Kalmar that it has been really chaotic down there and on Öland they are literally snowed in. And hasn't it been very much down where you are over Christmas?? Uh-oh. But I still love it!! :)


They're such snow babies! Well, not babies, but you know what I mean. I can't believe they were out there so long. That's some good northern blood they've got coursing through their veins! ;)


I loved making snow forts as a kid, even though I lived miles away from anyone that I could have fights with! What fun as a kid to spend a day wallowing in the stuff - although now I must admit I'd prefer a hot cocoa and a good book instead!


Ooo ooo, there is something so magical and exotic in the thought of a snow cave... at least for someone raised in a part of the U.S. where schools close for frost. Tell the kids to enjoy it extra for me!

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