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Things that do not work as they should: the Internet connection. The computer. The refrigerator door. The dishwasher. The dryer door. The vacuum hose. The kids' computer. The printer. My eyes.

Aiee. When I write them all out like that, it sure makes for an expensive sounding list. On the bright side, everything ELSE in the house works!

I've been a bit of a slug, both mentally and emotionally, the last few days. I think it's post-year let-down. As if the project that was 2010 has left me feeling drained and husked. Even though I worked yesterday and today, and will work a half day tomorrow, my mind's not really on it. It's not really on anything, it seems. That's okay. I know, come Monday, that things will rev back up with a bang: work, school, routines.

I've started walking again, and not just because we're dog-sitting 1222's dog. I hit the treadmill yesterday, walked the dog 3x so far, and plan to keep it up. Now if I can just get portions under control and stop snacking, I'll feel as though I'm actually getting somewhere with my motivation levels. Who's with me?!

The dog is lovely, sloe-eyed and velvety black with a knobby protrusion on the back of his shapely head and a long feathered tail that whacks the crap out of everyone and everything because he never stops wagging it. He's obedient and playful and I suspect we'll have a hard time giving him back on Friday. His name, however, cracks me up, every time I call him. I'm sure Pam must have mentioned it before, but I must not have really registered it. You try calling "Here Mental! Come here!" with a straight face. :D

Sam had a dog named Velcro. Erin has a cat named Bucket. I've had cats named Smurf and Pooka. What's the most bizarre/funniest pet name you've come across? Can it beat a dog named Mental?
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I know a girl with a cat named Nermal. I like it but think it's funny too. When I was a kid we had a cat named Happy Cat. It was never just called Happy, you always had to say Happy Cat. hahaha

I thought of you tonight, because of this comment...while buying sushi and looking at the little waving Japanese happy cat on the counter! :D

My parents had a cat named DC, for "Damn Cat", so maybe weird names are a family-thing. My sister and I started out ok with "Blackie", "Yellow", "Kitty", but then there was "Claws" ("No, not 'Claus' - "Claws!"), "Seamussy", and "Inky" (full name: "Inky Kinky Afro Babe") And those are just the cats...

DC! hahaa! We've also had cats named Tish, Tiko, Woodstock, CG (for Curious George), and Hagar. :)

Woodstock - hippie-cat or bird lover? CG speaks for itself. I can kind of picture Hagar too :)

Snoopy's sidekick :) They were, all of them, Siamese. Tiko was a bluepoint, the rest were sealpoints (not Pooka, though).

From Megsie

What is with the internet connection? Mine is spotty today too! Sadly, my motivation is for sitting on the couch and eating candy bars. I am hoping next week will be THE week to begin again.

And, a pet name? When I taught third grade we had two newts as classroom pets: Ging and Rich. My husband's college roommate's brother had a black lab named Puck. I loved Puck. She was a lap dog that you couldn't see around.

The Blahs are here too. It is day two thinking that I could just get the ornaments off the tree, yet they are still hanging, the tree all adorned. There is always tomorrow...or the next day, right?

Re: From Megsie

I don't know, but I wish it would start behaving again. I worked all day today, when I was only supposed to work a half, because the damn Internet kept conking out. Argh!

Joy here

My dad had a dog named Buck- Buck was a german shepard.

My sister and I had a dog named Pip. Later we had Mama cat when we lived out in the country and all her babies (as well as Mama cat) were wild. We also had a cat at that time named Augustus... we found him in August! As I remember he was a yellow striped cat.


My dentist office had a display of holiday cards from customers. One had a photo of the person's green parrot named Godzilla.

Re: Godzilla

I bet he could take Tokyo!


Aaaw dog-sitting! How lovely! And no, I have never heard of a dog name that beats Mental. LOL!


I know! It's awesome!

I had a cat named Dumpster once, because that's where I found him as a little kitten.


I did yoga yesterday and plan to do it again today. I think I may have to re-join the Y. Walking is good.

Yes it is! :)


It's not too original, but of course I have a beagle named Darwin. :)

I had a friend years back (lost track of him) with a dog named G.O.D. (gee-oo-dee) Dog spelled backwards, he said. Weird, I said.
I'm with you! It has been challenging to simply get back on my walking routine (this sounds so familiar. Am I a broken record?) ... Anyhow, I need to be walking. I need to walk "every day" more or less (5 days a week?), with a longer walk once a week.
And I need to control my portion size better, the way I was just beginning to do, just before the holidaze. My newly (last year) loose pants (looser than the old loose pants, follow me?) are snug as a bug at the top button. I had to unbutton that top button last evening to comfortably eat at my buddy G's house. Drat.
So YES!! I'm with you!

G.O.D.! haaa! that's excellent.

And I'm so glad to have someone with me! I sure as heck need the motivation!

Me too! But ; ( I didn't walk today.
Better do it tomorrow!

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