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Things that do not work as they should: the Internet connection. The computer. The refrigerator door. The dishwasher. The dryer door. The vacuum hose. The kids' computer. The printer. My eyes.

Aiee. When I write them all out like that, it sure makes for an expensive sounding list. On the bright side, everything ELSE in the house works!

I've been a bit of a slug, both mentally and emotionally, the last few days. I think it's post-year let-down. As if the project that was 2010 has left me feeling drained and husked. Even though I worked yesterday and today, and will work a half day tomorrow, my mind's not really on it. It's not really on anything, it seems. That's okay. I know, come Monday, that things will rev back up with a bang: work, school, routines.

I've started walking again, and not just because we're dog-sitting 1222's dog. I hit the treadmill yesterday, walked the dog 3x so far, and plan to keep it up. Now if I can just get portions under control and stop snacking, I'll feel as though I'm actually getting somewhere with my motivation levels. Who's with me?!

The dog is lovely, sloe-eyed and velvety black with a knobby protrusion on the back of his shapely head and a long feathered tail that whacks the crap out of everyone and everything because he never stops wagging it. He's obedient and playful and I suspect we'll have a hard time giving him back on Friday. His name, however, cracks me up, every time I call him. I'm sure Pam must have mentioned it before, but I must not have really registered it. You try calling "Here Mental! Come here!" with a straight face. :D

Sam had a dog named Velcro. Erin has a cat named Bucket. I've had cats named Smurf and Pooka. What's the most bizarre/funniest pet name you've come across? Can it beat a dog named Mental?
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