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I think we fall a bit in love with every subsequent dog that we babysit. THIS dog, however, was really hard to give up. He was just the most darling thing ever and all of us enjoyed his company so much. I've told 1222 that I really hope she'll keep us in mind the next time they need a dogsitter. The kids were out in the snow with Mental every day, playing fetch. We went for a long walk today in the brilliant sunshine, and later he kept putting his head on my knee to be scritched and I hugged his head and wished he was ours to keep.

The Christmas trees have been denuded of ornaments and are shedding needles as well. If we don't get them out of the house soon, they'll be bare prickly skeletons. The big one just has to have the lights removed. Everything else is packed up and ready to be shunted back up to the attic for next year.

Two more days of weekend and then totally back to real life and regular routines. I confess to not looking forward to it, but I suppose it had to happen sometime. I've spent the past couple of days editing my 2010 journal into book form...I get faster at it every year. I just have to place the hi-res photos and then I can send it to print. It's very satisfying to see the growing row of green obiter dictum books on my shelf. Even if no one except me will ever read book form, I mean. I'm assuming YOU read them the first time around, right here, after all. Hee!

Maybe, some day my kids will read them. Or their kids. That would be cool. My kids know about my journal and they know I write about them, but they don't ever read it (unless they're standing over my shoulder while I write, which is seldom because I shoo them away, in that case, because I don't know about you, but it drives me crazy to have someone reading over my shoulder while I'm writing...I'm looking at you, Mom! haha). My husband reads this journal, too, but he never comments or says much about it. So, really, I don't know what any of my immediate family thinks about it. The only feedback I get is from your comments (which I solicit and encourage!) and my own highly developed sense of self-confidence. :)

Yippee Skippee Birthday Wishes to helloheather and Belated Ones to ozswede!
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Lovely lovely photos Liz!
How do you do the journal books? I think you've described it before, but I was in ludite land at the time. An instructional may send me right back there, but it is inspiring to know that one can print up a hard copy of one's journal.

Yes, I'd like a reminder of how you convert your LJ to book form, too. I want to do this this year.

I PDF it first at, and then I copy and paste it into InDesign and reformat it to the specs I want to print (this is my own design, you can print directly from the PDF), and then I upload it to and make a book out of it and order it.

Let us know how it turns out, and the ease or difficulty level when you do it Shelby, ok?

I PDF it first at, and then I copy and paste it into InDesign and reformat it to the specs I want to print (this is my own design, you can print directly from the PDF), and then I upload it to and make a book out of it and order it.

WOW. Thanks Liz.
It still sounds like gibberish to me, but maybe gibberish that I could decipher when I get motivated enough.

Looks exactly like my childhood dog, Tippy! Is Mental a cockerpoo (or cock-a-poo?)

Nope, he's a flat-coated retriever :)

From Megsie

That dog looks so sweet. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to give the puppies back. I am a sucker for those puppy eyes. My tree is put away and the stockings are down. I just have a few odds and ends left of Christmas as well. I always feel like my house is so BARE after Christmas gets boxed up. It makes this place feel empty.

Re: From Megsie

Sleeping in makes up for giving the dog back :) A week of dogsitting is perfect for me, actually, but he WAS exceptionally sweet :)

I just spent the week with my sister's dogs (3!) and love soaking up their sweet mugs and wagging tails... still...there is a freedom to being able to walk away at the end of the week and have them have to be walked by someone else. ... I want a dog, but can't fathom have the time for a few more years... sigh.

That's why dog-sitting is so perfect! A couple of weeks here and there throughout the year, and all my (dog) cravings are satisfied. Cat cravings, however? *sigh*

Awww, sweet Mental! What a name, though! Do you know why he was given that name? It reminds me of a woman I met in a town called "Hospital das Seixas" along the Camino Santiago in Spain. She usually invites walkers to take a coffee break at her home and she calls her place "Menthal Hospital" ;)

We originally had Mental's brother, kennel name: Flatterhaft's Sacramento Kings, called "Mento" Unfortunately, Mento had a lethal heart condition and had to be put down at only six months of age. The breeder felt awful for us and, as she still had his brother, Flatterhaft's King's Ransom in her care and since my three-year-old was so attached to Mento, we managed to work things out so that Mento was put down on a Friday and Ransom arrived on Sunday (after a thorough medical exam). As Ransom was so much more lively, we decided to call him "Mental" and the three-year-old never noticed a thing (except for maybe that her dog was suddenly much more rowdy).
Mental is now three years old and his name really suits him, especially is you throw snowballs at him, right Liz?

Edited at 2011-01-14 10:01 pm (UTC)

Absolutely, though in a GOOD way, and it DID make me laugh every time I called him! :D

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