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Is there anything more agonizing to a rabid book lover than re-reading a huge long series of books that one loves in order to read the latest one in the series and finishing it only to remember that not only have all the story lines been left hanging but the next book isn't even PUBLISHED yet?

I've spent the entire weekend (with a few breaks for walking, showering, eating, laundry) immersed in reading. I feel like I've just come up for air.

And now I have to start the book club book which we're meeting on Thursday about and try to get it finished by then, and mostly I just want to think for several days about the books I just finished reading without shoving them mentally aside to make way for a book I don't really want to read all that much.

I can't believe I probably have to wait more than another YEAR to find out what happens.


What are you reading right now? Does it have a sequel? Is it out already?
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I've been reading a lot of non-fiction lately, but Emily has really been enjoying the "City Of..." series. The first one is City of Bones if you're looking for something new to read. I've never read Outlander. May have to give it a whirl.

That sounds familiar, I'll check it out, and maybe I can get my kids on to it, too :)


Rachel loves The City of series and has reread it twice already. I enjoyed it as well. :)

As to the Gabaldon series..... Have you read her three other books about Lord John? Rachel got them for me for Christmas and I whipped right through them as well.


Yep, sure have :)

Also, YES! Whirl away! Good times guaranteed!

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