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I forgot to make note of my moved-to-Sweden anniversary until I was reminded by blue_eyed_girl's post today. I moved here on January 11th, 1997. Anders has already arrived a week earlier and the day before I got here, his sister had a baby boy, who celebrated his fourteenth birthday last week. Crazy how time flies.

With the 14 years in Sweden and the 6 years I lived overseas as a child, I've now spent 20 years of my life overseas. I figured out in the car on the way back from the birthday dinner for Henrik that in another six years, I will have spent HALF my life overseas. So when I'm...29, we'll have a big party, okay? haha!

Yesterday, in the course of some conversation whose repartee (no doubt witty) I can't recall, Martin retorted to something I asked him, with the comment, "I don't know, I don't speak OLD." which cracked me up. Of course he doesn't! Who does? ME, that's who. Some days I really feel my age, which to be honest, isn't all that advanced on the one hand, but on the other hand, wasn't I HIS age just a moment ago? Wasn't I just meeting Becky in Mr Davis' English class and drawing comics on reams of lined notebook paper? Conversely, didn't I just get here? How can it feel like ages have passed and no time at all in the same moment?

All the people I've been are still inside me, somewhere: the child, the military brat, the teenager, the college student. The young woman, the neophyte career girl, the single gal, the fiancee, the newlywed, the new mom. They're not lost, exactly...not GONE, but it takes longer to summon them these days and replay some of the things I once thought and felt. It takes more effort to leap high enough to see out of this life-rut I've been slowly eroding downwards into. I think I'm overdue for a shake-up, though writing that feels like extending a hand to fate and daring it grab hold and yank.

I don't mean shake-up in a bad way, just that I think it's time to do some my brain, in my life, in my attitudes and most especially, in my comfort zone. Mmmm comfort zone!

The thing is, I LIKE my life. I don't want it to CHANGE, exactly, just to add something to it. I'm not really interested in looking for a new job. Maybe I should take a class. Maybe I should travel somewhere I've never been. I don't think rearranging the living room takes things far enough, though there are things I WON'T do for a shake-up.

Things I won't do for a shake-up: have an affair, move house, commit a crime, have a baby, quit blogging (*smile*).

What would you do? What's outside that rut of yours?


Smutty Rutty Silly Putty Birthday Wishes to somebodystrange! (hahaha! I don't know, it just sounded funny!)
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What would you do? What's outside that rut of yours?

That's a very interesting and good blog question. I this point in my life I not only crave a change, I desperately need one. I can safely say that I would try to do anything that wouldn't hurt anyone, to instigate such a change. That would unfortunately not guarantee that I wouldn't fail however...

I know what you mean, but the trying is definitely worth a shot!

I would move, definitely. It would be a pain in the ass, all the packing, organizing everything anew (schools, afterschool care, doctors, etc.) to say nothing of the expense. But one thing Beverly's post made me realize is that in just one more year, I will have lived in this town for as long as the town where I grew up and which I have always considered to be "where I'm from" even if my mother no longer lives there. But because this always felt like more of an "it's fine for now" kind of move, I've never really attached myself to it in a way that would make leaving it hard. It would have to be a really good move, but I'd do it.

I took up running to try and shake things up (literally and figuratively!) and when there's no more ice to fall off the roof, I expect it to really make a dent in the rut.

I always liked moving house, actually, until I moved into THIS house and fell in love with it. Moving was always a big adventure. :) It's not that I DON'T want to move, it's more that I would like to take this house WITH me. can I make that work?

Good for you on the running! I was on the treadmill, power-walking today and around the 30-minute mark, felt like I could keep it up forever!

From Megsie

Oh, I don't know. Maybe I would start a blog, or get a job...not a job that I have had before though. Maybe, change from teaching first graders and kindergartners to teaching, say, COLLEGE? Yes. That is what I will do. (I am longing for a "rut" right about now!)

Re: From Megsie

Haha! YOU already got out of YOUR rut! You get a pass for now, young lady! :D

There are a lot of things I like about my rut right now, but I think about moving to shake things up. But no, I DO NOT WANT the hand of fate to grab hold and yank. I cannot afford to move, and the stress of moving would take it's toll.... but I do daydream living alone in my own little place one day.

I don't really want or need a shake-up, but I could do with an add-in. And it would be singing more. Yes, somehow I must intregrate more singing this year. And exercise.

An add-in is exactly what I mean! Not really a shake-up, more like a shake-in! :D

Terrific post which I understand completely. My list of "what I wouldn't do to shake up my life" would read as yours does. In the "shake up my life" category, I taught myself PowerPoint last week and am pretty pleased with that. So I'd say "Learn a new and fun skill."

That's an excellent answer! :)


I keep thinking of doing things to shake up my life also- a class,(looking at art classes...but no decisiions yet) moving somewhere...those would be good. A few people keep suggesting I check out dating sites- think that might shake it up too much! Love, Lizardmom

Art classes sound fun, but I don't know...Dating sites: I really don't know! :P

Hey! Long time, no post.

I am with emmabovary on this one. Either learn some new skill you always played with in the back of your mind OR take a trip somewhere you've never been, but always wanted to! :)

Nice to see YOU again! :)

For right now, all I have to do to get out of a rut is stayed married to my husband and living our life. :) Things never really seem to get boring around here, though I sometimes long for a little stability. I DO welcome travel every summer though, especially once the girls and I are going a little stircrazy from school-free days. What kind of classes might you be interested in?

I don't know, exactly. I've thought about various art classes, or possibly a language class. Maybe French or Russian. :)

From Willow

It takes guts for sure, to get out of the ruts... I have to say I'm hoping to settle for long enough to find enough of a routine to be in a rut, I've been moving and changing things all too often since college and it's time to have a *home*.

My husband had his half his life abroad anniversary last year. It really feels like he's from Spain and the US now...

Ideas for getting out of a rut: take a dance class? volunteer (with all your free time!) to help kids learn to read or something? switch careers? hmmm, you've got me thinking.

Re: From Willow

Third culture adults, that's us! :)

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