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It's just been kinda sorta not exactly but almost one of those days: waking with a headache, slapping the snooze button in my sleep, getting up late, stressing at work, having my worst fears confirmed about the move to open landscaping (not even by a window), but hey! Barky looks FANTASTIC. Haa!

I called yesterday to the sushi place that I picked for the AWC sushi night on Friday, to book a table. There were 20 people signed up. TWENTY people! That's just crazy! I had tried to call the day before but they have opening/phone hours between 5 pm and 10 pm Tuesday to Saturday. Okaay. And then when I got through, the girl I talked to sort of freaked out at the idea of 20 people in our party. "But that's our whole restaurant!" she said.

She didn't think that would work. She said they would have to provide a set menu and we wouldn't be able to order from the regular menu, but pay a set price and get what they served. Um, no, I said. She said she'd have to talk to the manager and call me back. But then she never called me back. So I called again today and got a guy, who said no, they wouldn't book for 20 people. Okay, then, I said, I guess we'll just take our business elsewhere (and our word-of-mouth recommendations as well).

But then, I called a different restaurant, where I KNOW they have enough room and got basically the same story. He then suggested that we could either come in at 6 to be done by 7 OR come in at 9. Also, wth? If we had just come in and said hi! we'd like a table for 4, and a table for 4 and a table for 6 and a table for 6, I bet you they wouldn't have blinked an eye, and they STILL would have had to fix the same amount of food and they would probably have made a lot of money off of us.

So I called yet another restaurant, where I also knew they had enough room and they were thrilled. Oh yes! the man on the phone said, No problem! And I've eaten there before and know the food and the service is good, so guess where I'll be going again and planning more events at and recommending?

Is it just me or was that weird?

The Biggest, the Best, the most BOUNDLESS Birthday Wishes to Christina!
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Tell me about open office. What do you hate? T feels the same way, and this semester I am studying human interfaces so I am particularly interested in your reply

Mostly I hate the sense of absolutely no privacy and that I am in the middle of an anthill. It's harder to concentrate, harder to focus. I can't close a door on the noise. I can't play my own music (which helps calm and focus me for work). I have constant distractions and conversations around me. And perhaps worst of all, no window to look out of, to see the sky, or trees, or judge the weather by; no natural light.

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