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Good: Surprising my friend Geena at her surprise wedding on Sunday, and getting to be a part of her special moment

Bad: Insomnia

Good: Praise for a presentation I put together and a brochure layout I'm finalizing

Bad: Stressball workdays

Good: Finding out at the allergist that I might not be allergic to cats least according to the "pricktest" (which is what they call it in Swedish), though I would have to have a bloodtest done for conclusive results

Bad: Anxiety dreams about work

Good: Results from last week's mammogram: nothing to report!

Bad: Realizing that I had a work event booked next week the same night as Little Big Bookgroup

Good: all the lovely people signed up for the bookgroup being able to (and willing!) to move the date so we can still participate

Bad: Working late AGAIN

Good: a lunch with my friend Camilla and plans for more visiting & sleepover this weekend

Bad: Anders leaving for a long weekend ski trip with work buddies (I know, it's not really bad, but I miss him when he's gone)

Good: Extra company to make up for his absence in the form of Cate's daughter Sydney and dog, London, for the weekend!

Bad: Visiting the new office space to look it over and realizing it's even worse than I was expecting :(

Good: I'm not stuck in this

Bad: the 2.5 hours spent trying to get my work PC to connect this morning, resulting in it being carted away for diagnostics by the IT guys

Good: A new blog header! *points up*
mood: indescribable
music: k.d. lang—You're OK


Do you get insomnia often? I have some insomningstabletter that I received due to the insomnia I get when I have to take Cortisone. It's actually quite nice to have them in the medicine cabinet for the regular bouts of insomnia I get now and then. Knowing I have them means I will never end up falling asleep at 4 A.M. and that in itself usually makes me calmer.

Not very often...I sometimes have trouble falling asleep (and have to force myself to put my book down every night), but being up that late (like I was this past week) for more than 1 night is really unusual.

I read your list with great interest, and then I started laughing when I realized that my list would have a lot of b:s for BORING in it, and nothing much more right now... (writing thesis, please gods, let it be my last..)

Haha! I have lots of weeks like that too, but you can usually find SOME good things if you look hard enough :)

What? A "pricktest?" I am on the verge of making a bad, adults only joke about that one Liz, ah, but I see Anders will be out of town over the weekend... too bad.

Hee! Yes, indeed. Nothing rude going on here right now!

A pricktest is when they swab your arm (or sometimes back) with a bunch of allergen substances in a grid and then prick each one with a needle to bring it into contact with your blood, to see if you react to it.

Mary Ann here

Quote: "Good: all the lovely people signed up for the bookgroup being able to (and willing!) to move the date so we can still participate"

But will it work for me? :D ;-) j/c.... that means just checking! hahaaaahahaa I am sure I'll be able to arrange it though...

P.S. Love the new header. :)

Re: Mary Ann here

Thanks! I have a few other new ones up my sleeve for this year :)

From Megsie

Good: A new post from you :)

Bad: That there is bad at all.

Sorry about your work stress at so many levels. And that your computer got taken. I love that your book group rescheduled for you. That is so nice.

Good: That I stayed up to read your wonderful list, and was able to see your cute new header--with the moose!

Bad: Eyes closing sitting up at the computer even with my hands typing.

Goodnight. Sending hugs. xo

Re: From Megsie

Good: sleepy comments from people I adore! :)

I have to ask... how does someone have a surprise wedding? I'm imagining the bridal party and reverend jumping out at her when she arrives at church. :)

I'll take the liberty of answering this one since I am the "Geena" mentioned in this post. Or, rather, I'll point you to my newly bewedded husband's explanation of that crazy day, here:

That would have been AWESOME! :D


Good:We helped dig out a neighbor's car that looked remarkably similar to those!

Bad:It had been buried by our inconsiderate neighbors and their snow blower.

Good: Tom goes back to work today

Bad: The kids and I don't.

Good:Rachel cut a path for Kyra to get out the back door to potty.

Love ya Seester
Bad: My back is toast form all the shoveling.

snow snowity snow! It's snowing again here, too.

You can not begin to imagine how delighted I was to have you there on Saturday. Good, better, BEST: Having Liz show up at my last minute wedding ceremony.

You were glowing, did you know? Both of you :)


I like the cows in the painting!


Me, too! They look very long-suffering, don't they?

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