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Following on the philosophy of my last post about not saying anything if I don't have anything good to say...the main thing taking up my brain space this week is the situation at work, and since I try not to write too much about work, especially when I'm not happy about it, I don't want to step over my own boundaries, so let's just say that every possible bad thing you could imagine about sitting in open landscaping? Doesn't even come close to how bad it actually is right now. I'm far from the only unhappy one, but I swear if one more person tells me it will just take some time and I'll get used to it (especially if it's yet another person who actually has their own office space), I won't be held responsible for the consequences.
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I'm with you, open landscaping SUCKS!!! This might be useful: Happy Worker Mask

Bwaha! that's awesome. I'm printing a bunch and handing them out to everyone in my department! :D

Aw, that stinks. Maybe you could make poison cookies for all the people with offices; chances are you'd get your own then.

Mmmmm cookies!

Oh Liz :-(

I really get this. Having my own private workspace is essential for my mental health. I have no words of wisdom or encouragement on this topic, just pure sympathy for you. Sushi's on me next week.

Sympathy really helps. I'm working on my attitude adjustment, since hey! if crying about sitting in an open landscape at work is my biggest problem, I really, really, really can't complain.

From Megsie

I totally hear you. I have a lot of trouble getting things done at work because I share my office space with about 20 people, all cubes, so at least they can't see my crabby face. Only one suggestion: HEADPHONES? Can you do it? One guy does it in my office. I, of course, can't listen to music without being distracted (and I would totally sing, nobody needs to hear that!). And there is the whole need to talk to myself as I work...UGH!

HUGS and Sympathy and more hugs sent your way. And, I will not hold anything against you if anyone says that you just need to get used to it. They deserve what they get!

Re: From Megsie

I've got headphones, but I get aggravated about them because I have constant interruptions and I just end up putting them on and taking them off over and over. Frustrating!


Wish I could tell you it will get better, but, um, the last time I worked in an open bull-pen type arrangement, it was at Enron. I hope your company at least does not go bankrupt!


No fear of that, at least.

Is there a red stapler you can steal from someone? Just, you know, to make a statement?

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