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Black black skies with white white stars. Orion is tilted drunkenly to the left, leaning over our driveway. The big dipper lies lopsided across the other side of the sky, a big ol' bowl of stars above my head. Our 5-day dog's back end wags to and fro, tail in counterpoint. Her surprisingly small feet make swishy prints in the sparkley snow powder. I huff above the edge of the scarf wrapped over my head and around my neck: dragonbreath blooms and my glasses fog.

I'm making messes of one-dish wonders for lunch lately; I'm sick of salads. Rice or pasta with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, black olives, a dash of cream and artichoke pesto and some pine nuts. Yum.

On Valentine's Day, my colleague and I ran to town to get some small Valentine's goodies for our kids and stopped for lunch afterward and I had that horrible panicky feeling of ohshitohshitohSHIT when I pulled out my wallet and came face to face with the empty space where my card was supposed to be...and couldn't remember when I'd used it last. It was Monday and I hadn't BEEN anywhere all weekend. I thought frantically, wracking my brain. Thursday! I'd bought gas with it. Friday! I'd paid for lunch for an American colleague in town for a course...called the restaurant: they didn't have it. I hadn't BEEN anywhere else. I hadn't BOUGHT anything. After about half an hour of creeping dread, I called the bank and canceled the card.

15 minutes later I thought to call home and ask Karin to check the pockets of my jackets hanging in the laundry room. On Saturday, Martin and I had gone for a walk and I took my debit card with me as we planned to stop at the nursery on the way back so I could buy a hostess gift for the couple who were having us to dinner that night, only it was closed when we got there. Sure enough, the card was in the pocket of the jacket I had worn. *sigh* "Cut it up," I told Karin. Sometimes I'm just too quick for my own good. On the other hand, if it HAD been stolen somehow, someone could easily have purchased a $2500 fur coat with it during that time span, like they did the time my wallet was stolen from my purse in Chicago years ago.

This kind of thing has happened WAY too many times in the past year.

I got the new card last week, but didn't get the new pin code until today. I've had the same pin code for THIRTEEN years. How the heck am I going to remember a new one? There are so many small sets of numbers floating around in my brain, it's a wonder I ever remember any of them, given my numerical deficiencies.

Yesterday, I was in such a funk at work that I came home and snapped everyone's head off. Thankfully, I'd booked a massage for 5 pm and she did a good job of getting my shoulders back down from around my ears where they've been for a week since we moved offices. Anders took the kids to the mall to buy a new jacket (Martin) and new soccer shoes (Karin) and while they were there, he picked up the new Roxette CD for me to cheer me up. It worked.

*Title mangled from a quote by Abraham Lincoln
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Early December I had to replace my bankcard as well, in my case because I did loose it (stupid!) heh. Luckily the replacement card came with the same pincode. I remember back in the States I was actually able to change the pincode on my ATM card. Banks here in The Netherlands don't offer that option unfortunately, and the Swedish banks don't either I assume?

And yay for Anders being a sweetheart and picking up a cd for you to cheer you up ! :)

Nope, they don't, and the last number was a hard one to remember for me, so after 13 years of keeping it in my head, it's doubly hard to have to switch!

Maybe you can ask Anders to help you come up with a ezelsbruggetje (mnemonic?) to help you remember it? Or maybe on the numpad it might create a form/pattern you could more easily remember if you make something with it.. That's how I managed to remember a difficult pincode years ago. Or like how my mum thought up a code which was linked to the letters of the alpahbet, which made a word or 'sentence' thingy she sorta could remember, which she could use to retrace back the pincode when she couldn't remember.. Either way, good luck!

Oh dear, when my wallet was stolen and I had to replace everything, the bank let me change the new pin code to whatever I wanted and of course I changed it to the old one so I would remember it.
My friend K keeps a notation in her little phone book, or on a business card, with her pin, inside a fake phone number. Since her pin is four digit, she just writes down a local prefix, and uses her pin for the remainder of the number. She makes up a fake name that reminds her it's the pin, and voila, she never forgets, eventually memorizes it.

I Hate that sinking feeling.
I had a miracle on Friday. I left my wallet in an in store restroom when I washed my hands. The next customer found it and turned it in. It was back in my hands before I realized I lost it, thus, I got to skip that panic. I was SO LUCKY.

Yay for honest people!

From Megsie

I can *almost* see your smile from here :) Glad that your ATM card was NOT stolen, and think of this new pin number as an exercise in brain development. I love the mnemonic device suggestion. I just taught concept that in my class last week!

Re: From Megsie

Everything that helps exercise my brian is good (hee!)

When I got my Maestro card at Swedbank several years ago, I got to choose my own pin code from a special terminal inside the bank office. A couple of years ago, I upgraded to a VISA card but got to keep the same pin code. I don't know what would happen if the card gets stolen or damaged, but it seems as long as a card is renewed or volunatarily changed to another type, the code remains.

The mnemonic is a good idea, but only if every button has letters assigned to them. Still, for a 29 year old you should be able to learn a new four digit code if you use it frequently enough.


Hate that feeling of not knowing where a card is. I've done it so many times that I've come up with a system now. When I remove a card from my wallet like that, I leave my wallet open on the counter, to remind me next time I pick it up. The same kind of trick works in the car by pulling the seatbelt across the seat when getting out, to remind me that I'm almost out of gas. What will we do when we get old, huh?


I should have thought of the leaving the wallet open thing...I've done that in the past.

When I get old, I'll call you!

I love your description of the night sky. I have never in my life been as aware of the apparent movement of the stars as I have been since we moved to Veberöd.

About your new PIN code: I am a total OCD-number-obsessed weenie at finding ways to remember them. If you haven't come up with a good mnemonic device by the time we have lunch next week I'll gladly help you find something.

And while I'm on the topic of lunch I want you to know that I am WAY looking forward to it. Someone wanted to book a phone call with me that afternoon and I refused them. Starting with our lunch I am LEDIG for a couple of days.

You can probably see even MORE starts in Veberöd than we can in Flyinge! I've never been so aware of weather in general as I have been since I moved to Sweden, and especially stars, since we moved to Flyinge!

And I'm very much looking forward to lunch, too. :) Can't wait!!

oh bunny bunny

since I don't work at your office I can shout to the skies-- Y'ALL SUCK FOR PUTTING LIZ IN OPEN WORKSPACE YOU BONEHEADS!!!!


I can growl for you, too.

Hey! I know a GREAT office space for you-- oh wait, you are allergic to dogs, sigh-- oh well--

I am COMING to Sweden one of these days!!! I am I am I am--

xoxo, E

Re: oh bunny bunny

Growl away, every little bit helps!

Lunch sounds good. can I have some?
I enjoy the thought of you wracking your brain, It seems to do you some good. You should do it more often, and I have to ask if I can help sometime.
If you need help remembering your PIN, you should give it to me, then you can call me anytime you need it (on your Iphone...) It gives you another reason to call me, and it will help alleviate the pain of all those numbers floating around in your brain. And, yes since you ask.. it is a wonder that you can remember anything due to all your deficiencies, numerical or Otherwise...

Hope I made you smile.
-Unkie Johnny (soon to be Daddy Johnny)

You can have some lunch when you come visit!

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