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zird is the word [userpic]
Have tried for 15 minutes now to think of something to write about that didn't make me sad, mad or tired.


Will try again tomorrow.
mood: tired


I know the feeling. It will feel better in the morning!

Can I join the club?
Well, maybe I need to make a good things list, just to remind myself, you know?

Misery loves company! Haa! I just put up a new post, and this time it's a good things list!

oh bunny

it's winter-- cut yourself a WHOLE lotta slack--- be nice nice nice to yourself-- things will feel better . . and while they feel crappy, be nice to yourself.

xoxox, E

Re: oh bunny

winter schminter. :) Things are better today, for sure :) Especially when I get such nice comments from such nice people like you!

Your icon made me and Björn laugh out loud. See? You DID spread some sunshine.

Then my job here is done! :D




Chicken Noodle Soup in Arkansas

There you laughed didn't you!!!

Luv Ya Seester

Heh. I might have snorted a bit, with a smile on my face.

Mary Ann here

Listen to the posters here!

Take great care of YOU. :)

Re: Mary Ann here

I'm trying, I am! Today was much better! :D

I NEED this icon. What can I do to get it? Just too wonderful.

You can write nice comments on my journal, of course! (and then right-click on the icon and save it to your desktop)

a little sleep will do wonders :)

Ain't THAT the truth!

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