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There it goes, winging by, that crazy thief Time. He steals days from my pocket, flits by unseen, and suddenly I look up and realize I've been robbed again. I think he swings from the trees like a monkey, arm over arm, howling with a boom that startles me awake. He sifts through the moments that flutter past, snatching them from the air while I stroll on, unalarmed and oblivious, thinking that there's more where that came from.

I'm wrong, though. There isn't more where that came from. This is the time to treasure. This time, this present, this now. The days when the children were small and fit in my lap are already gone, as if in the blink of an eye. The years flow by in a stream, but it's not endless; it's not least not for us. We dip our toes in, dive under, come up gasping. The current has moved us downstream by a month before we've caught our breath. Downstream to the end of a year before we've managed to haul ourselves dripping up into the light.

Do you know where time goes? It wrinkles up under your skin. Winkles into your pores, sinks into your joints and loosens some things and tightens others. It pulls parts of you down. It sloughs and sheds and contradictorily eases, into your very bones. It becomes a part of you but it's not yours to keep.

Beautiful! Strawberry Flower (and there's so much more!)
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Whoa, girl. This is profound and beautiful writing. And so, so true. In the last couple of years, I have often thought of what Pammy said to Anne Lamott when she was complaining about being fat. "Annie. We just don't have that kind of time." We just don't have the kind of time that stays angry. Or nitpicks. Or has to be SO SO SO right. Honestly, we don't have the kind of time that whines and feels sorry for ourselves, either. It is just so so so short, this time of ours. You have got that totally right.

Silly me...

Of course I have time to feel sorry for myself! I do it often and it sometimes helps. Silly me.

Re: Silly me...

Haa! I do it, too, and sometimes, it just has to be done. :)

That's a great line, "We don't have that kind of time". I have to remember that.

The treadmill of the years is running by far faster in the wind as well as those brief moments... Wild to ponder the mystery of it all...
And to top it off, I have been reading time travel novels.

Which ones? I love a good time travel novel!

Blackout and All Clear, both by Connie Willis.

O! I loved Blackout, but when I bought it, I didn't know it was the first of 2 and I'm waiting for All Clear to come out in paperback...WAITING. GAH!

From Megsie

Wow. Liz you amaze me. This is a perfect description. We are ALL living this, only many of us don't even realize it! Thank you for your powerful words!

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