zird is the word (lizardek) wrote,
zird is the word


The rain is turning everything dark, grey, beige and green with mold. I'm finding and trying all the various ways of doing nothing that I can while my family is out of town. Motivation? At an all time low. Personal productivity? Lower, if possible.

Who am I, when I'm not being organized? When I'm not being creative, responsible, busy? I see my face in the mirror but it's not recognizable. I'm caught up in the unfathomable horror of tsunami videos out of Japan. When that overwhelms, I play Pumpkin Xplode on my iPad until equilibrium returns.

I'm reading a book, in between bouts of inertia, but its grip is decidedly feeble. It's times like these when I most miss the presence of a cat. There's nothing for doing nothing than curling up with and petting a cat. A dog would at least drag my ass off the couch.

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Tags: adayinthelife
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