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Man, it is quiet in this house. There's a hole of silence where Karin's voice usually is, and another hole that Martin's laughter usually fills in. There's no sound at bedtime of good night, or I love you or I'll see you in the morning and no hugs to hold me through the night. BUT! It's okay, because if there's one week I look forward to all year, it's this one: the one where downtime fills my evenings and I can be selfish all I want: happy that I don't have to cook for anyone else or pick up after anyone else or drive anyone else anywhere, and by the end of the week I have relearned how much space in my head and my heart and my home is filled by my family, and I'm thrilled when they get home, instead of wishing they would stay away another week.

Today was a stressbomb of a day at work. A dying PC the past few weeks equaled a new computer that arrived today, with the attendant stress of time lost to set up and installing and connecting and issues with everything. I was so busy that I didn't have time to attend to it properly and will lose more time to it tomorrow, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end because NEW! SPEEDY! computer! All that stress on top of looming deadlines, clients with multiple additional requests and waiting for answers to urgent things that never seem to come when you need them to...URGH.

I'm taking Friday off: Mental Health Day. I've scheduled a massage with a new lady that came highly recommended. I have a friend to call and comfort, and AWC stuff to do at my leisure, and books to read and naps to take and walks to go on. We've had sunshine, bright bright sunshine the past few days, coupled with extremely cold winds and bizarro weather. I told someone at work today that we still have snow in Flyinge, and she was shocked. In Malmö (20 minutes south of us) and even in Lund, I've seen evidence of spring: snowdrops, crocus, buds on trees. But we still have snowscabs scattered around the landscape...I'm hoping for a few more days of higher temperatures to defeat them once and for all.

Positive Attitude Encouragement: Good Things About Today:
Rosy cheeks, cajun smoked salmon, a compliment from a colleague, cat-sitting inquiry from the neighbor (kitty fix time!), commiseration when I needed it.

Happy Snappy Birthday Wishes to brief_therapy!
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