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Yesterday, I'd had enough of my own sluggyness. So I cleaned the bathroom. THOROUGHLY. Everything out, and scrubbed top to bottom. I felt much better when I was done. It was another day of downtime though, as Anders and the kids didn't get home until 10 pm. So, after the major bathroom blitz I sat down and watched the pilot episode of The 4400 TV show box set that Anders brought home for me from Shanghai last August and which I hadn't gotten around to. After only a couple of episodes I'm hooked and a little bummed that it only lasted 4 seasons. I was sorely tempted to watch the next episode of The Pillars of the Earth Miniseries that Martin and I are in the middle of, but managed to restrain myself out of a sense of fairness to him. (We watched Episode 3 tonight and I'm very sad about Tom Builder's death right now, even though I've read the book and knew he didn't make it to the end.)

It was beautiful out today, sunny and warming. The daffodils I planted last year between the baby roses are all coming up! Some of the shoots are actually 3 inches high already! I am afeared, alas, that the roses have not made it through the winter. They look terrible: dry and rotten-looking. We'll see...I don't know anything about roses, so maybe it's not as bad as it appears. There are still a few straggling snowscabs here and there throughout the village, but the ground around them was wet: they're not long for this world, hurrah!

Most of today has been occupied by laundry, all eleventy-million loads of it. Anders left again this afternoon for a week-long business trip in Germany and Karin spent most of the day at a soccer match watching her BOYFRIEND play and then at his house, where I picked her up after dropping Anders at the train station. She came home yesterday all bubbly and excited about the fact that while she was gone, a boy she likes in the village where she plays soccer (he's the same age and also plays there) asked her out, and now they're AN ITEM. Normally I would think this was adorable, but now she's approaching 12, I confess it makes me mostly nervous. EEK. Boyfriends!

It's cute in Sweden, though...when a boy or girl asks the object of their affection to go steady (as we used to say; I have no idea what the kids call it nowadays), they fråga chansen which literally means to ask about your chances. Apparently, she spent most of the time she wasn't actually skiing or snowboarding SMSing with various friends and with this boy with the end result that one of them asked the other out (she was a little fuzzy on the details) and now they're "together" as much as 11 year olds can be said to be together. DOUBLE EEK. And so it begins.
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Don't worry about the roses - they look like hell in the winter and when the birches' leaves are the size of mouse-ears you cut them back.
As for Karen - yikes!

mouse-ears? oops.

From Megsie

It is so good to be caught up on your life finally! I am sorry I was not here adding my words of support through the sluggy days. I am also sorry that the work situation is not getting any better. The food that you highlighted has made me so hungry, I almost had to go and get a snack while reading, but I think that the food I would have grabbed would not hold a candle to what you have made. I am super jealous of your ipad, and still jealous of your iphone. More to be jealous of? Why yes. You had a week ALONE. So. LUCKY.

I cannot believe that Karin has a boyfriend. I am in denial that this will ever happen to my children. They will never be interested, right? You will train me in with such issues I am sure.

It is gray and spitting today. We have had some melting around but there are still major snow mountain-islands. There is grass all around them but they are holding on for dear life. The ice rink is gone and puddly. It has been raining off and on all day, but it is supposed to be back to cold and snow by midweek. I am so done with winter. Only about 45 minutes of it left according to the equinox, but we have a long way to go...

Just so you know: I missed you and your words. And, I love you!

Re: From Megsie

I have O SO MISSED YOU, too! I'm glad you're back, even if it's only for a quick dip before diving back into the real-lifeness! :)

Sounds like you have successfully navigated the slugishness...and YES! boyfriends. It's a whole thing. Good luck with it.

Thanks, I think I'm going to need all the luck I can get!

I'd go for TRIPLE EEK!! It was bad enough when Beverly's Lydia had a boyfriend but Karin?!?! Do you know what that means? It means MY KID could be next!! Who said these kids of ours were allowed to grow up THAT much?? ;-)

I KNOW. I'm shaking in my shoes.

Aw, fråga chans, how adorable!

Heh! It IS cute, but EEKEEEK.


Ahhhh Karin before my Rachel..... Gotta love it. :)

She's ahead of her...something.

My kids have been home over 24 hours. Ring in the bathtub, toothpaste spit in the sink. *sigh*



In Junior High we used to call it "going together" and my dad always asked where we were going, since of course we certainly couldn't drive anywhere!


Dads. Mine was the same.

Excuse me, but, um, BOYFRIEND? Yelp! How does that happen. How does she even care about boys? I remember seeing photos of her when she was sosmall still. Such a little kid. And now boyfriend. Noway. Someone must be mistaken.

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