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Oh my goodness, where did the week go? It went into single-parenting, crazy busy work-ness, losing Karin in the dark trying to find the place she was practicing in Lund.

It went to a planning meeting, pizza 3x in a row, a family birthday party (Anders' niece), phone calls, sunshine and a yard full of pheasants and jackdaws eating the birdseed.

It went to working from home as much as possible, paying bills, translation work, AWC web work, work work work.

It went to grocery shopping and an emergency room visit for Karin who busted up 2 fingers at soccer practice 2 days ago.

It went to a soccer team party where Karin danced all the slow dances exclusively with her new boyfriend and an evening of sushi and laughter with Martin. It went to watching the final episode of The Pillars of the Earth, so good! It went to Anders coming home last night and more sunshine.

And today it's going to shoe shopping for Martin, grilling at Karin's overnight soccer camp (for Anders), Earth Hour learning to play Settlers of Catan (for Martin & me), and more translation work, web work, work work work.
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Mine is Work work, along with preparation for next year as the Rotary Club prez...wish I weren't on board for that one, I can tell you...My kids are grown. Natasha lives in New York, soon to be The City, where she'll be getting a PhD. Raf lives in the next city, 20 mins away, but as you know, is still, at 29, in need of a Mom from time to time. It's not the constant Mom Job though, for either of them. So I can spend most of yesterday and most of today catching up on my Work work. I need those social events though. And the walks. And the exercise to stave off back problems.

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