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Bookworms tomorrow

Lunch with Geena!

Sushi Night on Friday (which means sushi TWICE in one day!)

Sleeping in on Saturday

Little Big Bookgroup next week, which means this interminable book will finally be over

Bonfire at Mats & Annelotte's for Walpurgis Eve


Willow Weaving course

GAME NIGHT at our house! It's been ages!

Anders' birthday

Martin participating in his second World Run

Wonders at Angie's in May and at a castle in June to celebrate Debbie's big birthday

Midsommer strawberries and new potatoes!

Bookworms at the beach in June

Summer vacation

4th of July party at our house!

Trip to Iceland

Karin's birthday (12!)

Mom's visit

John & Simone's baby

BED. Right now!

How about you?

Bundled up Boatloads of Belated Birthday Wishes to emmabovary, johann_metzger, carrieb, catching_days, Fruganamy and travelertrish!
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That's a lot of good things to look forward to :-D
Willow weaving sounds interesting!

It sure does! It's for the garden, so you learn how to make baskets, trellises, cones, etc.

Willow weaving course! Cool. What scale will you be weaving on? Basket? Furniture?

Having things to look forward to is really a very important thing. Glad to see so many on your list Liz.

It's for the garden. We learn how to make a basket and a cone, but they will also show us examples of trellises and even fences.

I even went back and edited this list to add some things I hadn't thought of last night :)

Great, both on adding to the list and on the weaving.
I took a willow basket class once, and Joa took a class where they made garden furniture!
I love the look of a willow cone in a garden, with something trailing up.

From Megsie

I think the willow weaving course sounds fun!

What am I looking forward to?

The end of this semester!!!!
Having time to plan out my entire course for next fall
The month where I am off but my kids are NOT.
Seeing green again outside
Beginning my walks....uh, soon...
Being able to write regularly again
A possible vacation...maybe in June
Reading books for fun!
Maybe getting back on Facebook?

Wow. I am boring, aren't I?

Sending love to you! xo

Re: From Megsie

A whole month while you are off but your kids are not: LUXURY!

You have good things on your list, Megsie, don't let them slip away! :)

And no, you are not boring. I love it that you and my mom both put "walks...soon" on your lists. haaa!

I'm looking forward (in chronological order):

Sleeping in tomorrow and not going into the office until noon
Lunch with Liz!
Dinner out Friday night (although not sushi twice in the same day)
A relaxing and hopefully warm weekend
Thursday in Göteborg with my work-partner
Spring (which really must come and STAY)

Good things, all! :)


I like your list.
I'm looking forward to: (not in order)
John and Simone's baby.
A trip to Williamsburg, Va with my cousin.
Easter at my house with family.
Dinner with a friend and a lecture of a maritime adventure.
Teaching another Intuition workshop.
Cousin's reunion celebrating all the BIG year birthdays (70th,80th, 95th).
Trip to Chicago to see "Glee".
Having time alone with 2 Grandkids in June - and maybe also in July with 2 more.
Trip to Sweden and Germany in the summer.
Painting my basement sometime soon.
Working in the garden.
Making something "special" for my next Grandchild.
Getting back to walking everyday -soon!
Getting rid of lots of stuff at a June yardsale!
Sleeping through the night- hopefully starting tonight!
Love, Lizardmom

You are seriously NOT going to see GLEE in CHICAGO?? I mean, not WITHOUT ME??? WAH!


YES-AND it's all your fault! You had to send Rachel the first 6months dvd- and I was thee for Christmas! We spent hours watching all of it and re-runs- thanks to Bryce and Rachel being home all day during vacation, plus they insisted on going to the video store for the next installments. So New Years Eve arrived with a house full of Gleeks! it continues! Love, Lizardmom

Thank you!

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