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Bookworms tomorrow

Lunch with Geena!

Sushi Night on Friday (which means sushi TWICE in one day!)

Sleeping in on Saturday

Little Big Bookgroup next week, which means this interminable book will finally be over

Bonfire at Mats & Annelotte's for Walpurgis Eve


Willow Weaving course

GAME NIGHT at our house! It's been ages!

Anders' birthday

Martin participating in his second World Run

Wonders at Angie's in May and at a castle in June to celebrate Debbie's big birthday

Midsommer strawberries and new potatoes!

Bookworms at the beach in June

Summer vacation

4th of July party at our house!

Trip to Iceland

Karin's birthday (12!)

Mom's visit

John & Simone's baby

BED. Right now!

How about you?

Bundled up Boatloads of Belated Birthday Wishes to emmabovary, johann_metzger, carrieb, catching_days, Fruganamy and travelertrish!
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You are seriously NOT going to see GLEE in CHICAGO?? I mean, not WITHOUT ME??? WAH!


YES-AND it's all your fault! You had to send Rachel the first 6months dvd- and I was thee for Christmas! We spent hours watching all of it and re-runs- thanks to Bryce and Rachel being home all day during vacation, plus they insisted on going to the video store for the next installments. So New Years Eve arrived with a house full of Gleeks! it continues! Love, Lizardmom

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lizardek's obiter photos

Feeling generous? Be my guest!

I can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.

Abraham Lincoln

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