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Attended an AWC sushi night with friends

Took down all the curtains, washed them, did other things while my MiL ironed them all, put them back up. Several of them involved those little metal hook things that slip in the band and pleat it: I HATE THOSE THINGS. Every year I say I am never doing this job again. I say it again this year.

Stripped and changed the beds

5 loads of laundry, all together

Washed dishes and took out recyclables

Dusted almost the whole house

Vacuumed the whole house

Grocery shopped

Made a really yummy dinner for Martin and me (Karin and Anders were at a soccer overnight in Karlshamn)

Sorted & organized one of the kitchen cabinets that's been bugging me for awhile. How many water bottles do you suppose 2 sporty people in 1 family need? If you say 20, you'd apparently be right.

Emptied and cleaned the refrigerator, with Martin's (!) help

Watched 3 episodes of The 4400

Read a book, and half of another

Played Pumpkin Xplode on the iPad

Checked and answered email

Refilled hand-soap bottles

Cleaned out and potted pansies in 11 outdoor pots. Pansies!

Potted 4 new houseplants

Called a new AWC applicant

Watered all the houseplants

Took a 2 hour nap

Added 2 things to my Anticipation list: dog-sitting Mental next week, and cat-sitting for the neighbors the week after that!

Resorted to another list instead of a "real" journal post. Heh.

Enjoyed the sunshine, and the sight of the first giant bumblebee and first yellow butterfly of Spring!

Pretty Purple Pansy Birthday Wishes to kissekat and thistimearound and Belated Ones to reebert and catchingdays!
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Wow @ your list. Can I invite you over for a long weekend Amsterdam?? I'll provide lodging, food and entertainment for 2 days in return for some good housecleaning on the other haha!! Just kidding ofcourse - I am just at awe at all you were able to accomplish. Feeling as louzy as I have the past couple of weeks, I didn't get a whole lot of housecleaning done and needless to say it's starting to show :( heh.

Since I love Holland, such a trade sounds almost doable! :D I'm rather in awe of myself as well, even with the 2-hour nap! haha!

Woah, that's a lotta things accomplished. I on the other hand, have been a sloth. Unplanned, but it simply turned out that way. I must perk up soon, as there is a very full week ahead.

Some weekends, the sloth must rule! (or in my case, the slug!)

Eek! The slug!

I missed the part about it being a weekend thing. I thought you did it all in one day and almost shite myself.

haha! Not even I am that efficient! :P

From Megsie

Show off.

I have been WORKING all weekend. Got one class almost all the way planned through the end of the semester. The other class, well, I am hoping I can complete my powerpoint for TOMORROW before class starts. Fallacies. There is A LOT to tell them!

I wish I had that nap you bragged about...and the books that you are reading! (Notice I don't have any wish about the house-cleaning! Although, I will focus on that soon enough.)

In awe of you as always. xo

Re: From Megsie

It's funny, I honestly wasn't bragging...more, patting myself on the back. I was so glad to be MOTIVATED after such a long sojourn in slugville!

Re: From Megsie

A well deserved pat on the back indeed :)


I want some of that "get ur done" drink that you've got! Or better yet- come for a visit as I don't have those "little metal hooks" to bother you while you clean! :0 Love, Lizardmom

Pay for my plane ticket! :P

Stunned into silence. Even for the indefatigable Lizardek, that is unbelievable!

Slugbegone worked! :D

***bows in admiration***WOW to the nth power! Need I say more?

Can't wait to make a contribution

Hey - I am certainly delighted to discover this. great job!

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