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On the brain:
All the things on my Anticipation list
Finalizing Iceland trip dates and purchasing airilne tickets
Giant salamis (Karin was selling them for her soccer team and our fridge is full of them until we get them all delivered). GIANT! SALAMIS!

On the table:
Work laptop & work papers
home phone & iPhone
AWC folder and calendars to update

On the floor:
Dust, though mostly it's under things
Dirt, tracked in from soccer practice and pansy potting
Hair, soon to be shed by Mental the dog who arrives tomorrow!
Various Things my family doesn't seem to see or bother to pick up

On the bookshelf:
All of Diana Wynne Jones' books, which I'm comfort-reading after hearing about her passing last week
Next Little Big bookgroup book: Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling which my kids chose over Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Figuring out who I can borrow the next bookgroup book from since I didn't want to buy it

On the heart:
My daughter: her drama queen tendencies, her school choices, her body's changes, her monster hugs
The sudden green of the lawn and the fields
My son: his enthusiasm for certain subjects, his tendency to let the world go by, his willingness to help almost everytime he's asked
My husband: his tolerance for my foibles, his handiness around the house, his rare public demonstrations of affection

Your turn!

*Totally swiped this idea from Bethany
mood: busy
music: Karin talking & making dinner


Yay for new dogs!! And hey, giant salami ain't bad, either. ;)

Well, sort of new! We've dogsat (dogsitted?) Mental once before.

And what's not to love about giant salami? :D

You are living very very dangerously just tossing the words GIANT SALAMIS around like, like...well, you know what I mean. I'll send you a file baked into a cake.

See you Friday to pick up my GIANT SALAMI.

Salami is fun to say over and over. Try it!

SALAMI SALAMI SALAMI! (it's hard to type over and over though, hahahah!)

I have just read my first book by Diana Wynne Jones, for the reason you cited, and wow, it was good. I think it's really more a children's/young adult book, called Enchanted Glass. It reads like the first in a series, but unfortunately I think it was only published last year (I only checked on my Kindle - could be wrong.

Please feel free to suggest a next "first" book - I gather she has written more than one series.

She wrote a ton of books. I would recommend Charmed Life or Fire & Hemlock, or Howl's Moving Castle VERY highly, but ALL her books are excellent. Some of them are for slightly younger readers, but they are all very satisfying.

For some reason I see your home being taken over by GIANT SALAMIS after reading this post. I guess it's a nice change to bake sales or the like...

They don't seem to have those here...I miss bake sales. And cake walks! Mmmm cake walks. She's selling majblommor now.





Oh, I didn't know yet that Diana Wynne Jones had passed. I love her work. Just by coincidence I have been listening to some of her books on tape. Just finished Witch Week the other day and have started one of the "Chrestomanci" books on tape in the car, which I will have the pleasure of hearing much of on my drive up to Portland tomorrow and then in a few days on the return trip.

It's sad, she was only 76. Lots of books left unwritten. :(

Love what's "on the heart." So precious!

I loves them, I does!

From Megsie

YOU are on my heart.

Giant Salami is now on my brain.

And I am headed off to bed.

I love this list. A perfect bedtime ponder.

I should probably go see what Bethany said too...


Re: From Megsie

Hope you had a good night's sleep (without salami nightmares, haha!)

Have you already written about the ICELAND TRIP, because this is my response: !!!! It's on my dream vacation list, so I hope for my sake, you're not going solely for work. :)

No no, it's for summer vacation family fun! We are planning to go during the first 2 weeks of July, but haven't nailed down the dates yet :)

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