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Dear Easter weekend holidays,

Thank you for making the 16-week wait for another day off from January 6 to now worth it. You've outdone yourself with the unbelievably beautiful weather, the relaxation, the traditional egg coloring, filling of the baskets and egg hunt (even though the kids wouldn't let me take photos this year), the getting-things-done in between lounging on the deck and on the trampoline, the kitty fix and dog-sitting, the amount of books I've had time to read, the good food and good sleep of several nights in a row.

And you've still got another day left!


Love, Liz
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music: Wendy MaHarry—All That I've Got


So agree. We've had a fabulous time too. I suspect all the vitamin D is going to my head ;-).


Mine, too! haha! Much-needed, though!

Wow! Sounds like a truly wonderful Easter weekend!Another day left? So is it a three day weekend in Sweden?

For me it was 4.5 :)


We had a beautiful day as well, after an overcast start. The kids even changed into their bathing suits and had a water gun battle. Just don't use up all the great weather before summer actually starts, I want some left for our trip!

It's been lovely and warm, but the breeze has been cool enough to refrain from bathing suits. I've heard the weather is here for awhile, but this IS Sweden, so there are never any guarantees!

From Megsie

Happy, happy Easter Liz! This post made me smile. You SO DESERVE to have a fantastic weekend holiday...really. Enjoy your day tomorrow!


Re: From Megsie

Happy Easter to you, too! I hope yours was just as lovely!

Hear! Hear!

I took Thursday off as well and turned it into a really long stretch of offness AND I am taking comp time this coming Thursday and Friday just for good measure (all that travelling in January and February now seems totally worth it).

Nothing like a bunch of days off to restore the spirit! I just hope work doesn't crush them immediately again tomorrow. Thinking good thoughts!

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