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I didn't even remember it was the first of May today until just now at 9:16 p.m.

This weekend has been full of lilac buds, neon green beech leaves, bonfires, berry cobbler, cheese & bacon dogs, real dogs (4!), and blue skies.

Today I learned how to weave willow. We made a bottomless basket which can be used in a myriad of ways: as a raised bed, as a peony support, to hide a cement well cover. It's as big around as my arms when I hold them out in a circle. Then I made a willow cone: a wigwam as tall as me, with 2 layers of braided willow. I'm thinking I can put it in the garden and plant nasturtiums to climb up it. Is it too late to plant nasturtiums?

Then the day, this beautiful day, the second in a beautiful weekend, was completely ruined by someone's behavior and anger. It made me angry too, and sad, and the only reason I'm writing about it is so that I can get it out of my head and be done with it...I hope. It's not a family member or a close friend, just someone that chooses to believe things her own way. I am, however, very grateful for other friends, who help put things into perspective.

It's the first of May! I looked at my May calendar yesterday and almost fainted. There are 31 days in May and I have something scheduled on 16 of them. Not including work which is scheduled for 22 of them. And not including any of Karin's soccer training or games, which I will have to deal with more this month because Anders will be gone for 14 of them (and into June).

I will wave at you as I whiz by!
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