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I didn't even remember it was the first of May today until just now at 9:16 p.m.

This weekend has been full of lilac buds, neon green beech leaves, bonfires, berry cobbler, cheese & bacon dogs, real dogs (4!), and blue skies.

Today I learned how to weave willow. We made a bottomless basket which can be used in a myriad of ways: as a raised bed, as a peony support, to hide a cement well cover. It's as big around as my arms when I hold them out in a circle. Then I made a willow cone: a wigwam as tall as me, with 2 layers of braided willow. I'm thinking I can put it in the garden and plant nasturtiums to climb up it. Is it too late to plant nasturtiums?

Then the day, this beautiful day, the second in a beautiful weekend, was completely ruined by someone's behavior and anger. It made me angry too, and sad, and the only reason I'm writing about it is so that I can get it out of my head and be done with it...I hope. It's not a family member or a close friend, just someone that chooses to believe things her own way. I am, however, very grateful for other friends, who help put things into perspective.

It's the first of May! I looked at my May calendar yesterday and almost fainted. There are 31 days in May and I have something scheduled on 16 of them. Not including work which is scheduled for 22 of them. And not including any of Karin's soccer training or games, which I will have to deal with more this month because Anders will be gone for 14 of them (and into June).

I will wave at you as I whiz by!
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I'm afraid to do that counting thing. I shudder to think. JF will be gone for 21 of them and 23 of them in June. But I have no soccer practices. Just grumpy ole uploads to databases!

We're all mad here! (I need a cheshire cat icon!)

From Megsie

I would love to see pictures of your weaving...if you don't mind sharing. They sound so beautiful, can you give lessons right here on your website? I think it is awesome that you are taking this class! I am super jealous.

I am sorry that the anger ruined a perfectly beautiful day. That is a bummer. I hope you had someone close that you trust that you could vent to so it could REALLY get off your chest. At least that is what I have to do, vomit it all out, before I feel better.

Your May sounds like mine. This week alone we have NINE kid activities from Monday-Thursday. No. We won't be able to make it to every one, but I think we can swing 7 or 8. We won't mention the fact that I will be wrapping up my classes and that I have to write a final exam. No. My eyes may be spinning by the end!

I say plant your nasturtiums and let the sun shine down on you!


Re: From Megsie

I am posting them now. They sure look wobbly and uneven to me! :D


work -22 days
kid activities -27
adult activities- 14
Dr appointments -10(with 4 of them 12 hour spirometry testing for Bryce.)

I feel your pain but at least my spouse is here..... not that that really helps much . >:) We will get through!

Love Seester

You're worse than me!!

NO Liz, not too late to plant the nasturtiums! I have some seeds myself that I was looking at this morning. Or, you can get seedlings probably, if you prefer to do it that way.

Photos please? Of the willow. It sounds like an amazing class. I am green.

Don't talk about it! The crazy May busy-ness. Yikes. It's a disease, and we all have it!

I'm going to try and stop by the nursery to get seeds tomorrow...if not then, this weekend, but it's suddenly COLD here again.

did you remember to do your taxes? :)

want to see pics of willow thingies!

Anders did them! Pics forthcoming!

Pictures please of willow-thingies.

Grrrrr to the person who made you mad. If you want to toilet paper roll their house I am totally there with you.

Pics coming right up! :)

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