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Now that I see my creations in the cold light of the day after (or rather, the 3rd day after), mostly what I see are the flaws. How uneven they are, how the weave is screwed up, how wobbly and unstable they seem. Still! I am pretty proud that I went to the course, and learned the technique and if my creations don't look as perfect as the ones the instructor with her 20 years of experience turned out, well, so what? The nasturtiums won't care!

Making a bottomless basket

Awaiting nasturtiums!
mood: hopeful
music: Eliza Doolittle—Skinny Genes


So cool! The nasturtiums will certainly never care. I am impressed!

Fantastic! Perfect is boring anyway. Yours have character and lessons and fun built into them, as well as a story. :) And nasturtiums are one of my favorite flowers. Love them! They'll look so nice climbing up your tee-pee.

Finamang! I'd be proud as all getout to have created that myself and see it in the garden!

How cool is that!!?!

but barky looks like he should have his own little willow basket to keep him in check. ;)

Barky is beyond help! :P

From Megsie

You simply must teach me. When can you get here?

Re: From Megsie

hahaha! With your weather weighed against MY weather, I think YOU should come HERE! :D

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