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As far as relaxing goes, this weekend was a bust. Though I DID get about an hour on the trampoline, laying in the sun this afternoon (and the itchy sunburny forearms to show for it), it was go go go from the get-go.

We had our company spring party on Friday night at Malmö Slagthuset (the old slaughter-house), which was a nightclub for years, but has since closed down and is used to large events and theater nights now. Our company has passed 1000 employees this year (!) and it felt like all of them were at the party (though it was actually only about 408); talking very loudly and crowding close together. The party theme was well-done and the food was excellent and the Swedish celebrity hosts were funny and really good at moving the evening along. Still, after the entertainment was over, and the plates cleared away, I didn't feel any need to stick around and dance, and since I don't drink, and it was LOUD, I said my goodbyes and headed home.

Saturday I cleaned house all morning with the help of the kids and then we hosted an AWC Game Night. We were 23 people and it was really fun. Although next time I will take pizza orders BEFOREHAND and pick up the food so that it's ready to eat when people arrive, since I felt we wasted almost 2 hours on that part. But then we played a killer couple of games of that old crowd-pleaser Pictionary (Women vs Men, first, and we creamed 'em! and then Kids vs Adults, and we squeaked into victory by one place) that had everyone laughing and joking.

Several of the kids were playing Wii and some were playing Playstation and some were playing ping-pong and another group of adults was playing something called Hekmeck (?) in the kitchen. After the Pictionary 2 of the families headed home, but the game-playing diehards, Maritn & I included, made it through a round of Settlers of Catan before we called it a night. It has only fired up the game-playing bug...I want more! :)

Today was Anders' birthday, so we gave him presents in the early morning and then had a fairly lazy day up until his family arrived for dinner. It's been another several days of gorgeous weather: sunshine, blue skies, warm and windy. This beautiful spring has been unfolding for EVER and shows no signs of stopping. Perhaps it will simply segue into summer and we'll speak of it in awed tones for years: do you remember that year when the sun shone every day for MONTHS? This never happens in Sweden: it's noteworthy, for sure.

Tomorrow I have to get up extra early and be in Malmö by 7:15 as one of my colleagues and I are boarding a bus at 7:30 to Copenhagen for a most-of-the-day Adobe Seminar. I'm debating taking a Pepsi with me, knowing how these things go, it will be only be mineral water or light beer for lunch and I won't make it through the day without some cold & bubbly caffeine. I was just thinking the other day that it's been AGES since I was in Copenhagen. It's RIGHT there, and yet. The last few times I've been over the bridge that didn't involve the airport, it was for work and I think a day of jaunting around the city for fun needs to be put on the agenda...stat!

Now, if I could only find an open day on the calendar...

Breathlessly Bouncy Birthday Wishes to MY VERY OWN ANDERS and to Sheryl and Belated Ones to big_bubba!
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Sounds like a great weekend, and yes, the weather in Sweden right now is just fantastic!

It's unprecedented!! I'm overdosing on sunshine!

Aw, you remembered me <3 I should start sending Anders a present just by virtue of sharing the same day! Sounds like a fun weekend, even if it was busy :o) Hope you had a good Mother's Day too.

Of COURSE I remembered you! I hope you had a great day both for birthday AND for momness!


Happy Birthday to Anders! We can go to Copenhagen when I arrive- I love walking about that city! And, haven't done so on my last 2 or more visits! Love,Lizardmom

Good! I was there, sort of, again today, (at Fisketorvet, at a seminar), and just wanted to jump the bus and stay and play in the sunny city :)

Adobe seminar! I'd LOVE to have an Adobe seminar today. Off on a bus to somewhere in another country for it. Yum.

It was excellent! They have such motivated, passionate speakers :)

Okay, that settles it (get it? "settles"? *Settlers*? should I keep going?) -- We have to have a game night! Sounds like you guys host my kind of party. :)

Yes, we do! (and now I have your comments, finally!)

Not that I wish bad weather upon you all but I really am afraid you guys are using up all the nice weather before we get there and we'll have nothing but rain for two solid weeks while we're there. If that happens, it really will be true. I am a member of the Addams Family where weather and Sweden are concerned. If it turns out to be lovely, then it really will be one for the record books!

Have fun in Copenhagen!

The good weather for the whole year has probably bunched up on us now. We're DOOOMED.

From Megsie

Sounds like a Very Busy weekend, void of napping. I hope Anders had a happy day, I am sure he did with you in charge of the celebration. I am intrigued by the Adobe seminar, it sounds fascinating!

Your spring sounds just delicious. I am jealous. Ours has been so cold.


Re: From Megsie

My mom (in Michigan), says it's done nothing but rain there. But since WE'RE usually the ones with rain, all I can do is rejoice in our good fortune! :)

I've caught up on your posts. You whirlwindy woman! Hope your seminar went great and you brought your Pepsi. So happy you're having a beautiful, sunny SPRING!

Your game night sounds like so much fun! We love playing 'nerd games' with our friends (very similiar to gamer-games, sometimes they're too much for me). I can't wait until Thomas is older to play board games...the only thing I've tried with him is Memory but he doesn't quite get it yet, even though he totally plays one on my iPhone!

He'll get there! My kids only just got into non-electronic games fairly recently. I am planning to host another game night in August, maybe...this one was so much fun!

More fun with Open ID!

I've commented a few times lately with The New And Improved Open ID, but it says you haven't verified the comments. Once again, boo to Open ID. Just wanted to give you a head's up in case you didn't know to look for them!
~ Bethany (

Re: More fun with Open ID!

I had to open a support request to find out what was causing it, but now I know and I've got your comments back!

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