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LJ isn't posting any anonymous comments at all, though I GET them as emails and in my LJ inbox. I don't know why. I haven't changed any settings and I can't find any settings to correct! Anyone else having this issue??

Edited to add: I opened an LJ support request and got this response, and now it's fixed...if anyone else has had the same issue!:

This may be related to a new spam related option LiveJournal implemented a few weeks ago. When you visit the entries where these comments were posted, do you see a 'xx suspicious comments' link appearing with the other 'post a comment' style links? If so, click that link and see if the missing comments are there.

The "Spam Protection" checkbox [], when activated, will mark any comment containing a link to a non-whitelisted domain as being 'suspicious' -- they are screened and moved to that special section. You can mark them as 'not spam' to return them to being visible on the main comment page.
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Since my journal is friends-only I no longer get anonymous commenters, so I can't say I have had any issues with this. But if I understand correctly, when someone comments anonymous on an entry you wrote, you DO get a notification of the comment per email but the actual comment is not showing on your journal? That's.. odd? Maybe you could open a support request about it?

I did open a support request and just got an answer and now it's fixed!

Giving stupid Open ID another try...

Boo to LJ thinking I'm spam, but yay for getting it fixed... I hope! (fingers crossed)

Re: Giving stupid Open ID another try...

I got this one, too, so I think it's fixed!


Now I am Spam???? I thought being adopted was bad enough. However just so you know.... I have been meaning to call you to tell you that and this post I cannot view any other comments.
Love, Seester

It should work now...are you seeing your comment and the others on this post?

Glad you got it fixed Liz. You seem to have regular anonymous commenters.

I have lots of them, and it was making me crazy. Now it's my iPad giving me problems. I hate technology some days.


Interesting - I just posted and they didn't ask me to verify anything ...



Great to be able to reply to your fab entries again! Thank you for sorting this out! :) I think Geena has/had the same problem.


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