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Zoomity! Thank goodness I got to sleep in both yesterday and today because it's non-stop go go go otherwise.


Sweden allllmost won Eurovision but got shoved under at the end by Azerbajian and Italy. Which was good considering Sweden's song wasn't very good. But which was bad since the 2 that beat it were actually WORSE.


I have had it up to HERE with malfunctioning computer-y things. The router or the wireless or the internet or SOMETHING doesn't work right and it keeps disconnecting, constantly. We have to constantly disable and reconnect and inbetween restart the router manually, and despite having a hub and wireless and whatever the hell it all is, only one device works on it at a time, which means I can't work on my laptop if anyone is on the PC and vice versa and don't even get me started on trying to throw the iPad or iPhone or the HDTV in the playroom into the mix. ONE internet-connected item at a time. ARGH.

And then! THEN! For the second time, I get a message when I connect to iTunes that there is an upgrade for the iPad and I warily click OK and damn it all to hell if I don't lose the iPad AGAIN and have to restore it (from a different machine AGAIN) to factory defaults, losing all my in-app purchases AGAIN. ARGH ARGH


Remember the good old days when people just wrote letters? And played cards and board games? And looked up things in that row of books: the Encyclopedia? Those good old days are looking pretty good again right now.


Mom and I are going to Squam! Well, sort of...I have to work so we can't actually attend the whole thing. BUT! We get to go hang out at the end and visit the Squam Art Fair and see Elizabeth and OMG I can't wait, I'm so excited it makes me hyperventilate every time I think about it.


Yesterday the wind zoomed in and shook things up and was itself chased by cold temperatures and POURING rain. It rained so hard for half an hour that the water was bouncing off the streets. Lilacs have exploded and everywhere I go I see them: huge bushes and trees of light and dark purple and white. We've tried twice to grow lilacs in our yard but our soil is so sandy they just die. I keep having to restrain myself from stopping and stealing them from over hedges and garden fences. They're SO beautiful. Any other month you have no idea how much of the greenery in Sweden is actually lilacs, but in May: kaboom! Lilac country! Between that and the rapeseed, May is certainly decked out to the nines!


Anders leaves for Germany for tomorrow. He's back Thursday night and then leaves again on Saturday for 2 weeks in Bangkok. Nearly 3 weeks! URGH. Three weeks is much too long.


Everything tastes boring to me right now...I'm sick of all the same old dishes and flavors. Throw some (easy) recipes at me!


Blowing Belling Blossoming Belated Birthday Wishes to redpirk!
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