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I think I'm blessed as a mother. It's a pleasure to me, most of the time, to be around my children, to look at them and to hear what they have to say. As someone who, as a young woman, never particularly wanted children, and was pretty miserable through pregnancy, it's sometimes boggling to me to look upon my progeny and realize how lucky I am.

They're beautiful. Both physically and mentally. They're well-proportioned, sleek of skin and formed just right. They're healthy and strong and their eyes shine, their teeth are straight and everything functions just as it should. They're quick, and they're flexible and coordinated.

They're smart. They're both good with words, and with numbers. They're fluent in 2 languages, and read well and think for themselves. They can solve puzzles and figure things out and find solutions. They're good at games and they both do well in school...every report we get from their teachers is approving and full of praise.

They're social. They can hold up their end of a conversation, both with other kids and with adults. They function well in groups, and they're not afraid to meet people or find out about them.

They're funny. They both know how to tell a joke, how to pause for the delivery and most importantly, how to laugh infectiously. Karin is the great plastic face-maker and physical humor champion, where Martin is more of the subtle punny type; the kind of person you instinctively glance at when something funny happens because you know he got it, too.

They're well-rounded, and emotionally balanced and able to take responsibility. They know how to listen and how to read body language and remarkably mature for their ages. They give great hugs. They think of others. They're not perfect, but they're getting there. I love them so much.

I think that Anders and I are pretty decent parents, most of the time, but honestly, they make it easy. They make us look good.
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