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I think I'm blessed as a mother. It's a pleasure to me, most of the time, to be around my children, to look at them and to hear what they have to say. As someone who, as a young woman, never particularly wanted children, and was pretty miserable through pregnancy, it's sometimes boggling to me to look upon my progeny and realize how lucky I am.

They're beautiful. Both physically and mentally. They're well-proportioned, sleek of skin and formed just right. They're healthy and strong and their eyes shine, their teeth are straight and everything functions just as it should. They're quick, and they're flexible and coordinated.

They're smart. They're both good with words, and with numbers. They're fluent in 2 languages, and read well and think for themselves. They can solve puzzles and figure things out and find solutions. They're good at games and they both do well in school...every report we get from their teachers is approving and full of praise.

They're social. They can hold up their end of a conversation, both with other kids and with adults. They function well in groups, and they're not afraid to meet people or find out about them.

They're funny. They both know how to tell a joke, how to pause for the delivery and most importantly, how to laugh infectiously. Karin is the great plastic face-maker and physical humor champion, where Martin is more of the subtle punny type; the kind of person you instinctively glance at when something funny happens because you know he got it, too.

They're well-rounded, and emotionally balanced and able to take responsibility. They know how to listen and how to read body language and remarkably mature for their ages. They give great hugs. They think of others. They're not perfect, but they're getting there. I love them so much.

I think that Anders and I are pretty decent parents, most of the time, but honestly, they make it easy. They make us look good.
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Ah but they get it from you, from well-balanced parents and from living in a functional family, from being loved and feeling safe in that love!

That's a blessing not every child gets to enjoy. So be proud of them, and yourself as a mum! :)


I AM proud of them (even though they DO drive me crazy quite frequently!


What a beautiful tribute to your kids and to you and Anders!
I could have said nearly the same of my 3 kids - and still happy and proud of how they have turned out! And how happy I am to just be with them, too! :) Love, Lizardmom

Nearly the same for you 3 kids...except for that adopted one :P

I feel the exact same way-- except my oldest isn't very social. I wish she was, but that's just not how she's wired.

Martin is not exactly social, the same way Karin is. But when he's in social situations, he does just fine. He just doesn't particularly seek social situations out.

You're very lucky, Liz, but you ought to give yourself a little more credit. They can't be good without having inherited it or learned it along the way.

I'm sure it's a bit of both, but I still feel lucky :)

How about a dose of Reality???

You have got to be kidding me...
are these the same kids that I know?
Hold up a conversation? you obviously have not been around Martin when he answers the phone when I call...
They only laugh infectiously when they know the wool has been pulled over their parents eyes.
Mentally Beautiful? how exactly are you measuring that?
One thing you got right was your description of yourself.

looking at things from another perspective,
Yours Truly,
Unkie Johnny.

Re: How about a dose of Reality???

Just you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait!

Yay Liz! Great kid tribute post. Maybe those kids do make you look good, maybe they make it easy, but somehow I think you probably had a little more to do with it than you are taking credit for here.
Go ahead, be proud of them AND of your accomplishment.

I AM proud of them, and often of myself, though we all have our moments :)

From Megsie

I agree, you need to give yourself more credit, however, I know exactly what you mean. My kids blow me away sometimes, and I think "how did they do THAT?" I certainly didn't teach them all those good things. But sometimes leading my example is the most powerful teacher, and yet it is invisible. I found such joy behind your word in this post. I do wish every child had what your kids have, and my kids too for that matter.

Re: From Megsie

I definitely see it in your kids, too. In the photos you post, in the stories you relate, in the obvious love that radiates from your family!

I agree that you need to quietly and maybe even secretly pat yourself on the back a little more. Motherhood is not easy, and you have done and are doing a great job.

It's not easy at all, and I do at least a halfway decent job most days. :) I AM proud of that, but I DO think THEY help make me look good. :D

everitl powerful

Maybe because you are good? :)


Re: everitl powerful

Ah! But good at what? :P

SEE? This is what I've been saying for years. You are the best mom ever. And yeah, you're kids are pretty awesome, but they SO have you to thank!!! I loved the joy in this post. The truth of it. I have that feeling too somedays. Such gratitude. Rapture is a perfect word.

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