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There's nothing nicer than going for a walk in May. The lilacs are blooming, the lupines are blooming, the rapeseed is glowing. The weedy edges of the meadows are leggy and exploding; and wisps float on the sunshine-filled air. A blackbird trills ahead of us; a hedge is filled with sparrows fluttering and busily rustling. Beech hedges shine in the sunlight and everyone we meet is smiling. A new neighbor's brand-new puppy gambols in the dandelions. At first, the kids didn't really want to go for the walk, but they warmed up to the idea. :)

Do I HAVE to go for a walk???

In the neighbor's garden: lupines in bloom!

Pretty Purple Pansies!

Too hard to scoot on the snail trail

Summer Snail Trail

The broken fence that allows people to slip through and take a shortcut through the field

Running up the hill so they can roll down it!

Birches in May


LOOK! LOOK! Nasturtium seedlings!!

Sunshine Kids
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What gorgeous photos and what gorgeous kids!


They're beautiful as flowers! :D

Would that our May had been half as gorgeous as yours! The week the lilacs bloomed it rained the whole time and I never got my fill before they were laid to waste by the elements. Wah!

Same thing up here. :-(

They're actually still blooming, but the sun is still off sulking behind the clouds somewhere, and expected to remain so for the rest of the week...

The weather has been really up and down here after a gorgeous it's quite chilly, though the sun is at least shining. :)

That stinks. It's been a fantastic year for lilacs here! They're still going, though I'm starting to see some brown around the edges of some of them.

There's something incredibly Carl Larsson-ish about that birches photo. Really lovely. :-)

Mmmm...Carl Larsson!

Great photos! Those are truly some gorgeous kids you've got there. :)

Thanks! I think so, too! :)

OMGosh those lupines are just awesome. And so many! And I love those purplish ones. My lupine unfortunately didn't make it through last winter for some reason :(

Great pic of the Sunshine Kids :)

They are so pretty! She has a huge plot of them; that photo only shows a tiny amount.

Nice pictures, looks like it was a great walk!

It had a purpose on the way out, but was very rambly and sunshiney on the way back :)

From Megsie

Those photos are pure magic! I love the lupines and the lilacs, of course! They are finally blooming here as well, and I have a bouquet on my kitchen table that have started to die. I need MORE! Your kids are so awesome. That picture of them running up the hill...all leggy and sweet, you can't help but smile. Thanks for sharing your walk with me!

Re: From Megsie

I should post the video of them rolling down the hill. Hee! :D

Delightful, Liz.

May IS delightful! :)

it scares me how much Karin looks like you
when you were that age...


You are so right- I think there's an old school photo that nearly matches Karin's face! I hadn't realized the close similiarity! Beautiful photos- Love, Lizardmom

Which one?? I rarely see myself in her.

Funny you guys say that; I don't see myself in her at all.


Well. I never had either as I always thought she looks more like Anders - but there's something about the shape of the face, the cheekbones, or maybe it's just that's she female! :0 Love, Lizardmom


go check out the photo used for Moms stationary...
The 3 of us as kids standing like a bunch of storks....
me all knock kneed and in oh so cute shortoveralls...


I love that picture of them running: like colts, the two of them. They're SO big suddenly. All teenagerish and stuff...

Love this whole series of photos...

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