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It's gone a week, nearly, and suddenly it's June. And I'm beginning to have that panicky feeling of "where has the year gone?" It's nearly half over! Eeek! Christmas will be here before you know it! Haaa!

Anders comes home tomorrow from his 3-weeks of jaunting. He's home for a week, then gone for a week then gone for the weekend, then gone for a week. THEN he's on vacation, and we still haven't bought tickets for our trip to Iceland. I don't even know if we can really afford it. There seems to be no end to the things that need to be bought and paid for around here. Clothes for the kids, shoes for the kids, groceries, groceries, groceries.

It's a 5.5-day long weekend...much needed, but still full of things going on. Karin had a soccer practice today, and a 2-day tournament starting tomorrow. And tomorrow evening I'm going to dinner with the Wonders at Svaneholm Castle. I've never been there and frankly, I don't think it looks much like a castle. More like a fortified apartment building. The reason why we're going to a castle and not to one of our homes is that we're taking Debbie out for her birthday (which was yesterday). It's a big birthday, so we felt it deserved a little something extra.

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary too, but with Anders in Bangkok there wasn't much we could do to celebrate it...we exchanged emails: how romantic! :D We'll celebrate later, hopefully. We've been married for 15 years! According to Wikipedia, the traditional 15th wedding anniversary gift is crystal; not really something we need or use. The modern list cites watches. Snort. I got a beautiful watch a few years ago, so that's out. I find it amusing that the traditional gift for the 6th anniversary in the UK is EGG. What is up with that?? Do you boil them first or just serve them for breakfast in bed?

Saturday, Karin's soccer tournament continues, and Sunday I'm one of the hostesses (not at my home, thankfully) for a baby shower for an American friend & colleague. So I'll spend most of Saturday grocery-shopping (again!) and preparing/baking for that. We've planned some fun games that will hopefully not make everyone groan. The diaper candy bar game, of course, which is always a hoot, and should be especially funny for the several non-moms in the group, as well as the Swedes who are not used to baby showers to begin with.

I have a question for the interwebs. As you might know being, naturally, faithful readers, I have chronic allergies. Not just in the spring or fall but all year round. They are slightly better now since I was prescribed new allergy meds several months ago, but I am still chronically congested and blow my nose...oh, at least a hundred times a day. Apparently, my nasal passages are chronically swollen and I've been recommended for a procedure that I'm a bit unsure of, to say the least. It's called "Radio Frequency Operation" in a literal translation of the pamphlet I was sent in the mail along with my appointment time, or Nasal Turbinate Surgery.

I've Googled it and apparently it's fairly common, but I've never heard of it before and am wondering if anyone has had this done or knows of someone who has, and has any feedback. It's rather freaking me out :(

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I had a lot of congestion and snoring earlier because my septum was deviated. I had an operation to fix it which I kind of regret. It did help with all the congestion, but it also changed the appearance of my nose drastically which I now hate. It's sort of caved in :/. I was told my nose would not look any different. Perhaps since it was done by an ENT doctor and not a plastic surgeon. I'm not sure how the surgery you are looking into is done, but perhaps it would be good to talk to the doctor thoroughly about it.

I was giggling on the "we exchanged emails: how romantic!" and S. asked me what was up so I told him and his response was "15 year anniversary, but after 15 years one doesn't need to celebrate no more right?!" ;-) He's quite the romantic as you can tell.. nót :P I hope you two will get a chance to celebrate some day soon -- I think 15 years does call for proper celebration with a nice evening out together or such :)

The surgery I just had done to fix my heart is done using radio frequency as well I think -- obviously a completely different type of sport then the one they suggest for your allergies. I can imagine it's freaking you out a little. Hopefully you'll be able to find some proper sources to read up on the procedure, and also will find some people who can tell you some about the operation with first hand experience! Have you decided in favor of the procedure yet or are you still in the pre-phase where you're getting all information on options for treatement?

From Megsie

I have never heard of that procedure, but I would be freaking out too. Anything medical, I kind of get nervous with. I hope your doctor can tell you more about it. And I hope somebody out there has had it and can give you a first hand account. But most of all, IF you decide to do it, I hope it gives you some relief. Allergies are NO FUN.

Happy Anniversary to you and Anders! Fifteen years is a great accomplishment. Cheers to you and here's to another 15 and more!

Eek. Have never heard of that surgery. Hope you get more information before you decide.
Me, I'm still in favor of the neti pot for sinus congestion & chronic sinus congestion.

Happy anniversary to you and Anders. 15 years is an accomplishment, especially in these times. I hope the two of you find time for a proper celebration together, although I know how it can almost be more trouble to plan, by that stage of the game, having been married for 14 years! (In my distant past that is) heehee.
Who chooses these gifts to be associated with the different years? Some of them are quite odd.

It sounds like you are busy busy, as usual, Liz. I, who at the beginning of the year had mentally noted that I would do something special this year at my half birthday, was so wound up in fuzz brain, avoidance of housework, and social activities, that the half birthday came and went a week and a half ago without me even realizing it until I was about to go to sleep last night. I know a half birthday doesn't measure up to a 15th anniversary. Just saying that the lay of the land in these fast busy times is interesting, to say the least.

Happy 15th anniversary!

Hope you'll get better so you don't have to go thru that awful-sounding procedure.

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Happy 15th anniversary! Fifteen is one of my favorite numbers. I am giggling over the 'egg' tradition - maybe it means you present an egg to be fertilized, ahem *cough cough*? Oh, I'm cracking myself up over here! Cracking! Get it?

Allergies are just the worst. Seriously, they make life so difficult! I swear mine were triggered by all the dust from moving. Because moving is not hard enough, I also had to feel sorta awful on top of that!

Do you really make people play the diaper game? Have mercy on them!

Haha we did! 5 diapers, and one had a melted kinder egg sans prize!

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