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Things that I am grooving on lately:
  • Looking: Swedish summer!
  • Listening: Sara Bareilles — Little Voice
  • Reading: Bill Bryson — At Home, A History of Private Life
  • Drinking: Schweppes Pear Lime Fusion
  • Eating: mozzarella & tomatoes, red seedless grapes
  • Flowering: Paradisbuskena (Paradise bushes! latin: Kolkwitzia Amabilis), it's called Beauty Bush in English, and it really is incredible. Giant bushes FULL of these gorgeous deep pink flowers
Karin took this photo of the farmhouse behind us. It's falling one has lived in it or taken care of it for a couple of years now. The green-covered mound to the right was dumped there last fall but nothing was done with it. A tractor was in the pasture to the right of it plowing up the overgrown earth last weekend, but they didn't touch the mound and nothing has been done since.

Today Martin and I participated in a fun AWC activity: Dressin (or rail) Cycling across the Skåne countryside. The "bikes" are set up on platforms with a bench, and straddle the abandoned railways that are all over southern Sweden. It was REALLY hard work, much more strenuous than either of us expected, but the sun was shining, a cool breeze was blowing, and we had lots of fun company and a great picnic lunch packed. We cycled for TWELVE kilometers, and since neither one of us does much bicycling, we're both really feeling it already. Ow my aching butt! :D

The rail started in the middle of grass fields, but progressed slowly to woods and then what felt like full-blown forest. though it was just a thick belt of trees along the railway. There was a place to stop for ice cream, but we had already picnicked and were already feeling the strain in our leg muscles so we took turns to push ourselves to get all the way back. Fun and a great workout!

And a beautiful tree, just because I loved it:

Summer Summer Summer Birthday Wishes to Jeanine, Heather, and anniz!
mood: sore
music: Applause on Comedy Central in the living room

From Megsie

Beautiful Photos Liz! Wow. So green. I am sore from reading what you did...ouch! I am glad you had fun though, and a nice time to spend with Martin. I am now hungry for tomatoes and Mozzarella. YUM. Maybe I will go to get some at a local restaurant for dinner!


Re: From Megsie

I am double-sore today! Ow! :D

Wow, so cool! I would love to do that! I wish you had a picture of the bike though, it's a little hard to picture. Were there two sets of pedals?

I'm wondering that same thing, and trying to picture it.

I didn't get any good photos of the bikes, but this one should give you an idea:

Anders and the kids went to a different place last year and their bikes were larger with a bigger platform.

Wow, no wonder you're sore, you had a lot of extra weight to push around on those rails.

I didn't get any good photos of the bikes, but this one should give you an idea:

Anders and the kids went to a different place last year and their bikes were larger with a bigger platform.

The luscious Swedish summer is not to be denied, in its green splendor!

It's an exceptional year for summer here, so far!

Mm, Schweppes Pear Lime Fusion sounds delightfully yummy.

It is SO GOOD. Delightfully fizzy and fresh!

On my way to the store!


Do you think i could come over and rob the old farmhouse of any Wood?
I would love to have some old windows, doors, walls, or anything to restore???
looks like a big wood scrapyard to me.

Oh, and the biking looks fun too.
Unkie Johnny

Re: Farmhouse

I doubt there's anything good in the farmhouse, but it's still owned by someone, even though no one is living in it, and it's not livable.


How Bizarre! I just checked out that Bryson book from the library!


It's SO good. I could hardly put it down. Have you read his othe "history of nearly everything" ? I'm thinking a re-read is in order!


I have that one, but haven't read it yet. And I just realized that the summer solstice birthday wish was for me! Thanks!


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