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  • Pay bills, including money to klasskassa
  • Buy teacher gifts for Debbie & Inger
  • Get dryer fixed
  • Search for and buy new or used trampoline
  • Start WW again
  • Send email to regional speakers requesting bios
  • Get presentation title from Laurie
  • Renew Swedish passport for Karin
  • File US taxes
  • Send reminder invite for regional to all clubs
  • Check with Cate about Embassy speaker
  • Email Kamila about ad for company donation
  • Email Tobbe about recycled printer for program & ad
  • Start program layout for regional
  • Schedule a long-overdue massage
  • Book hostels for Iceland
  • Plan Iceland itinerary
  • Replace wilting/dead pansies with summer flowers in pots
  • Replace dead rosebush
  • Re-do agenda for regional, pending answers from Cate & Sami
  • Birthday presents for Karin
  • Birthday party for Karin
  • Baby gift for John & Simone
  • Birthday gift for Einar
  • Birthday gift for Lizardmom
  • Figure out what's wilting the cherry tree and kill it
  • Upgrade Firefox
  • Bring CDs to work to re-fill music library
  • Bake cake for Martin's last day of school on Friday
  • Make reservation for AWC dinner on Friday night
  • Archive photos onto DVDs
  • Schedule sushi lunch date with Geena!
  • Quit adding to-do list items every time I update this list to strike one out
mood: busy
music: Supertramp—C'est Le Bon


I was just telling S. I really should make me a list of things-to-do as my head is just filled to the brim with stuff I need to get done and not forget and it makes it impossible to think! I am pretty sure my list will be as longass as yours though, which is just NOT something I want to be reminded off hehehe.

I recently picked up WW again as well, I use the online version, I just keep forgetting to keep track of things and fill it in since I got back from the hospital ugh. :)

I have to GO there, and be accountable, otherwise it doesn't work. Need to make sure I can swing the timing with driving kids to school, though. MUST BE DONE.

I've pondered becoming a member of one of the local groups but that's a lot more expensive then the online thingy (10€ per week instead of €14,95 monthly) so I opted for the online one. I was a member for a while 1.5 years ago then opted out for a while and kept my weight, but I noticed that over the past months I slowly gained back most of what I had lost before and I figured I could use a little help again to become more aware of my food/calory in take etc again :) The past 3/4 year and especially the past 2-3 months have been so stressfull, and since I wasn't able/allowed to do anything physically strennous for due to the heart issues, and then maybe I snacked to much so altogether... ;) I never was a stress-eater nor do I munch or snack that much to begin with, but maybe that comes with age too LOL as I found myself craving chips or other stuff more often then before! Either way, tis time to keep an eye on my munchies again, eat a bit more healthy, and I also look forward being able to become a bit more sporty again soon as I am fully recovered:) I hope WW works out well for you as well!

I like my list better than yours'. :P

Look what you did! You made me ADD ANOTHER ITEM!

You're on! Booked!

From Megsie

I began a long TO DO with CATEGORIES. It is under a pile of mail. I still remember SOME of the items...but I am lazy right now. This week is busy though, the first day of summer break was yesterday, and Nicholas had a friend over. I read a book that will be discussed at my reading department's retreat this weekend. I started my homework. Today, I finished my homework, and went to class. Father's day is this weekend, and I have to cook for the retreat. I can't believe it is WEDNESDAY ALREADY TOMORROW. Can you tell I am totally random right now. I can hardly form a sentence.

I love your list...especially where it says "schedule a long over-due massage" I am adding that to mine!

Re: From Megsie

I think this week is going SO SLOW...

Watch out, you might get listipation.

Oh, and schedule that massage! Now. Busy on!

Too late, I already have that! :D

*chuckle* Just like me...

Cherry Tree

I wouldnt kill the Cherry Tree.
so cross that off your list.

Birthday list? Shouldnt Karin be doing that?
cross that off.

Go for a walk. instead of adding to do lists.
Unkie Johnnie

Re: Cherry Tree

Not the tree, you goob, the thing that is WILTING it!

Re: Cherry Tree

I read the Cherry tree the same way you did! Love, Lizardmom


Ha Ha! I so add things as soon as I cross them off.

And for Iceland planning, look into Reykjavik Excursions - I took several of their day tours and really enjoyed them - particularly the south coast one that went to Vik - glaciers, waterfalls, black lava beaches and just amazing scenery all in one day! It was great. They also operate the FlyBus which gets you to and from the airport to Reykjavik. I did the option where I stopped at the Blue Lagoon on the way into town - worked really well. Email or Facebook me if you want more info!


Thanks for the tip! We'll be working on this over the weekend :)


Just looking at the list makes me tired. Where do you get all your energy? Give me some??


*hands you energy* :)

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