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  • Pay bills, including money to klasskassa
  • Buy teacher gifts for Debbie & Inger
  • Get dryer fixed
  • Search for and buy new or used trampoline
  • Start WW again
  • Send email to regional speakers requesting bios
  • Get presentation title from Laurie
  • Renew Swedish passport for Karin
  • File US taxes
  • Send reminder invite for regional to all clubs
  • Check with Cate about Embassy speaker
  • Email Kamila about ad for company donation
  • Email Tobbe about recycled printer for program & ad
  • Start program layout for regional
  • Schedule a long-overdue massage
  • Book hostels for Iceland
  • Plan Iceland itinerary
  • Replace wilting/dead pansies with summer flowers in pots
  • Replace dead rosebush
  • Re-do agenda for regional, pending answers from Cate & Sami
  • Birthday presents for Karin
  • Birthday party for Karin
  • Baby gift for John & Simone
  • Birthday gift for Einar
  • Birthday gift for Lizardmom
  • Figure out what's wilting the cherry tree and kill it
  • Upgrade Firefox
  • Bring CDs to work to re-fill music library
  • Bake cake for Martin's last day of school on Friday
  • Make reservation for AWC dinner on Friday night
  • Archive photos onto DVDs
  • Schedule sushi lunch date with Geena!
  • Quit adding to-do list items every time I update this list to strike one out
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