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Sometimes it's good to take a break, even when it's unexpected, and even when the very thought of it makes you a little twitchy. Our Internet has been wonky for ages. We can either be online on the PC OR the iPad OR the iPhone OR the Internet-TV OR the laptop, but not more than any one of them at once. And we have to constantly disable/enable/disable/enable the Internet on the PC. It's incredibly annoying, but at least when it stops working COMPLETELY, you have to go and do something else, right?

I've been hacking away at the to-do list that I didn't mean to leave hanging up here for so long. I've been hacking away at my to-do list at work in the FUTILE attempt to get it cleared off before the end of next week when I go on vacation FOR FOUR WEEKS. I even secretly did a whole bunch of other STUFF that I did NOT put on my online to-do list, because honestly, how much "emptied dishwasher, vacuumed house, made bed" can you take before you take your sweet reading selves elsewhere?


haha! Quit kidding me! I know you're still reading.


ANYWAY. Because the Internet was down, Karin and I played card games. We played Go Fish and Crazy Eights and then I taught her Slapjack and War. Which she WON. How does that even happen? No one WINS War. You just play forever. I need to get a copy of WarGames kids haven't seen it. Except, how dated do you suppose it must be by now?

I read a really good book this weekend, that I am still mentally digesting, have you read it? Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World by Barbara Ehrenreich. Would be very interested to hear anyone else's opinion.

And then we spontaneously invited my cousin Cate and her family over for dinner on Saturday and we played Clue. It was fun except we played in teams and made the mistake of putting our two husbands on the same team: a lawyer and an engineer. They spent HOURS dissecting strategy before they would even roll the dice and Cate and I just sat there and groaned. They're so cute, our men. And THEN! Karin and I WON! Without ever having crossed off a ROOM on our Clue List! Not even one! No one showed us a Room Card through the whole game and we still figured it out and won. Kicking it old-school, yeah!

I've MISSED you guys!

mood: busy
music: Seal—Kissed by a Rose


Hello back to you! Good old fashioned games will never go out of style!

I sure hope not! XD

From Megsie

I hate being without internet, however, it DOES free up some time doesn't it? I love playing games, but my ever competitive husband does the same thing as yours. He is always so SERIOUS. He kind of forgets it is supposed to be fun. I wish I could have been there to play with you! I am so glad you kicked butt!

I will have to check out that book, it sounds so interesting! I sometimes need to be reminded to look at the sunny side of life...but usually I am pretty positive (in person).

Glad you are back! I missed you too!

Re: From Megsie

It was a really fascinating read. It echoed some things that I've thought myself in the past dozen years, watching America from afar, and brought up issues and history I didn't know about.

You had me at Hello....

you are still a dork.
Wargames? Clue? is there an App for that?
And Seal - Kissed by a Rose? isnt there something better to download?
or did you listen to it on Tape?

Good Book - The Conversation Continues - Bill Moyers. Intelligent Reading.
List of Books to send Dorky Sister -
1. The Conversation Continues (when I am finished.)
2. Ken Follets latest - The fall of Giants
3. Edgar Sawtelle
4. some book you made me buy in Sweden and I couldnt read...
5. I am sure there are more but I am at work and not at home staring at my book shelves.

Get a life!
Love ya,

Re: You had me at Hello....

IMA dork? YOU'RE a dork! haha! There probably IS an app for Clue, actually. Thanks for the book recs: send them! Then mom can bring them back along with the pile I already have from you :D

I have WarGames on DVD - wanna borrow?

I have a to-do list too but mine consists mostly of sewing, that I never have time for since Other Things (TM) pop up that needs attending.

We taught Isabel a few card games and she won all of them too - crazy kids.

Can't wait for summer vacation. two more weeks (this and next)!

I would love to borrow, actually! You know, I keep wondering if you would have time to sew a shirt for me someday, but I don't have a pattern for it, and suspect you sew so much for your family that additional projects wouldn't be welcome :)

No problem with the dvd. I'm actually seeing Victoria on Thursday so if you have a chance to meet up with her after that (not sure when she's on vacation) I could ask her to give it to you? Or I could just pop it in the post?

As for sewing - I would love to do that for you, but seeing as you don't have a pattern you know will fit you and fitting of an adult is a bit more time consuming (and skill consuming) than fitting a child I think I'll have to decline this time. I have a pile building up of cut fabric I'm making (mostly for Sofia) and I don't want to promise you something I won't be able to keep. But ask again in a while, you never know :-)

Let me know how I should forward the dvd to you.

Victoria would be the perfect postman! No worries about the would be a copy of an existing one, by the way, I don't know easy that is.

Well, in that case it might not be all that difficult. But could we postpone that until fall? I would love to give it a try ...

I'll e-mail Victoria right away and ask her so she's prepared for it on Thursday.

Absolutely! It's not like there is a rush or anything. :)

Hi there Liz. I was in Portland without internet at my sister's all weekend, and then too busy around the house yesterday to hook in. Imagine that! I hate it though, when the internet isn't working. Always plenty to do, but I like options...
Great check-in type entry.
Games, I love 'em. Good reminder for my "to do" list... add "Game Night."

I need to schedule another Game Night too!

My computing has been limited of late, but alas, I have not made such enjoyable use of my time. Clue! I haven't played that in I can't remember when -- good times! :-)

I really wanted to play Philadelphia Crazy Eights, but Cate's family had brought Clue and it took so, maybe next time!


Hello! :) Missed you too. So is internet up and running now as it should?

They will install "fiberbredband" here next week. Not sure what that will do. What kind of internet do you have?


ADSL. It's back but still crashes all the time. ARGH.

Is that an ADSL modem with built-in router and wireless, i.e. one box that does everything? We have that kind at work, and I find it needs a restart every now and then. In particular in sunny days when it risks to be overheated if the sun light reaches it. Probably your provider can replace the box if yours is misconfigured or otherwise faulty.

If you have separate boxes, the wireless router is probably to blame whether it is faulty or just misconfigured. Sometimes the manufacturer has a firmware update, but one should be careful when updating those as a disrupted update might lock the device completely, as well as the provider might have installed custom firmware adopted to their service.

Good luck, either you try to solve your networking problems or decide to live with time-sharing the network connection.


I read "Nickled and Dimed" by Barbara Ehrenreich and liked it, but didn't really care for her next one about white collar out-of-work folks. I'll have to check this one out on your recommendation.


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