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Sometimes it's good to take a break, even when it's unexpected, and even when the very thought of it makes you a little twitchy. Our Internet has been wonky for ages. We can either be online on the PC OR the iPad OR the iPhone OR the Internet-TV OR the laptop, but not more than any one of them at once. And we have to constantly disable/enable/disable/enable the Internet on the PC. It's incredibly annoying, but at least when it stops working COMPLETELY, you have to go and do something else, right?

I've been hacking away at the to-do list that I didn't mean to leave hanging up here for so long. I've been hacking away at my to-do list at work in the FUTILE attempt to get it cleared off before the end of next week when I go on vacation FOR FOUR WEEKS. I even secretly did a whole bunch of other STUFF that I did NOT put on my online to-do list, because honestly, how much "emptied dishwasher, vacuumed house, made bed" can you take before you take your sweet reading selves elsewhere?


haha! Quit kidding me! I know you're still reading.


ANYWAY. Because the Internet was down, Karin and I played card games. We played Go Fish and Crazy Eights and then I taught her Slapjack and War. Which she WON. How does that even happen? No one WINS War. You just play forever. I need to get a copy of WarGames now...my kids haven't seen it. Except, how dated do you suppose it must be by now?

I read a really good book this weekend, that I am still mentally digesting, have you read it? Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World by Barbara Ehrenreich. Would be very interested to hear anyone else's opinion.

And then we spontaneously invited my cousin Cate and her family over for dinner on Saturday and we played Clue. It was fun except we played in teams and made the mistake of putting our two husbands on the same team: a lawyer and an engineer. They spent HOURS dissecting strategy before they would even roll the dice and Cate and I just sat there and groaned. They're so cute, our men. And THEN! Karin and I WON! Without ever having crossed off a ROOM on our Clue List! Not even one! No one showed us a Room Card through the whole game and we still figured it out and won. Kicking it old-school, yeah!

I've MISSED you guys!

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