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Yesterday, we were all-American...even those of us who don't come from the United States. We had our annual Independence Day BBQ hosted by the AWC at a lovely location on the shore of Ringsjön (a member's home). Thanks to the high level of moisture content in the air, Barky had a great time playing Humidity Hair From Hell plus I had a red red nose (from the allergy-treatment aftermath (so no photos of me, ahem). There were hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill and watermelon slices and red/white/blue berry desserts, but alas, I didn't have time to make deviled eggs OR rice krispies so part of me thinks the picnic part needs a do-over. Our contribution was a yummy couscous salad, but I have a metric ton of it leftover. There were firecrackers (!), rowboats, swimming, sunshine, lots of laughter and conversation and a PUPPY!

Lucy is a 10-week-old Shih Tzu belonging to a friend/colleague :)
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From Megsie

What a fun party! We have no deviled eggs or rice krispy treats either, today. But we did have hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad and red and blue fruit...we are half done with the day's festivities. Two events down, two to go. NAPS before we start again! Happy Fourth Liz! xo

Oh, and your kids...GORGEOUS. And that puppy? Want. To. Snuggle.


The kids sure have been growing- can't wait to see them in person. Did Karin even put the puppy down for a minute? Love, Lizardmom


Lovely photos! Your kids are awesome. Like mom, like kids. :)

That cute little puppy creature. How CUTE is that??? Aaaaaw!!!


The puppy looks so very cute!!!

I can see a little bit of Anders in the first picture of Karin. She looks like such a young lady now, not much of the girl left in these pics!


I love Karin's "summer hair tangle." I can only imagine that's what mine looked like all summer long after days at the pool and out in the sun. (And I also just noticed the puppy hair all over her shirt - that's what mine looks like right now!)

Happy 4th of July!


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