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After a simply lovely 3 weeks of having mom here, I had to hand her off this morning to the airport, where she flew down to see the Latest Main Attraction in Germany: her new grandson, Samuel Otto. I can hardly begrudge the fact that she had to leave, since I'll get to see her again in just a few weeks, but it WAS tough to have to do it on my birthday, and the kids & I are lamenting how very empty the house feels without Lizardmom (or Anders!) in it now.

The 3 weeks she was here were filled with lazy days, busy days, going places, staying home, seeing people, talking, and what was most important to me: just having her here integrated into our daily lives. I wish we lived closer so we could have more of that.

This feels very much like an in-between birthday. Not a big one, and definitely not one worth celebrating in any major way. Getting woken up to song & hugs & presents started it off nicely and a flood of greetings, well wishes, Facebook messages (so many!), phone calls & emails kept the birthday buzz bubbling during the day.

The kids spent the day at farmor & farfar's in Malmö and I picked them up after work (which I left early), and we went downtown and hit the bookstore so I could buy the kind of present I like best: NEW BOOKS. :) And then we went out for the best sushi in town (seriously! still drooling), and home to yummy birthday spice cake with almond buttercream frosting.

Another year older and what have I done? A lot, actually. :) And still so much more to do. 29 will be a good year, I think! Some days I feel really old. And some days I feel like I will die that day. And some days I feel like I will live forever. And most days? I feel like I haven't aged at all (on the inside anyway).

My lips look weird in this photo. They look skewed. No photoshopping or Botox involved, I swear.
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