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After a simply lovely 3 weeks of having mom here, I had to hand her off this morning to the airport, where she flew down to see the Latest Main Attraction in Germany: her new grandson, Samuel Otto. I can hardly begrudge the fact that she had to leave, since I'll get to see her again in just a few weeks, but it WAS tough to have to do it on my birthday, and the kids & I are lamenting how very empty the house feels without Lizardmom (or Anders!) in it now.

The 3 weeks she was here were filled with lazy days, busy days, going places, staying home, seeing people, talking, and what was most important to me: just having her here integrated into our daily lives. I wish we lived closer so we could have more of that.

This feels very much like an in-between birthday. Not a big one, and definitely not one worth celebrating in any major way. Getting woken up to song & hugs & presents started it off nicely and a flood of greetings, well wishes, Facebook messages (so many!), phone calls & emails kept the birthday buzz bubbling during the day.

The kids spent the day at farmor & farfar's in Malmö and I picked them up after work (which I left early), and we went downtown and hit the bookstore so I could buy the kind of present I like best: NEW BOOKS. :) And then we went out for the best sushi in town (seriously! still drooling), and home to yummy birthday spice cake with almond buttercream frosting.

Another year older and what have I done? A lot, actually. :) And still so much more to do. 29 will be a good year, I think! Some days I feel really old. And some days I feel like I will die that day. And some days I feel like I will live forever. And most days? I feel like I haven't aged at all (on the inside anyway).

My lips look weird in this photo. They look skewed. No photoshopping or Botox involved, I swear.
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Happy Birthday Liz! Thanks for being born, for being on LJ, and for being some good influence in my life in a variety of ways.

Goodness, you're welcome! :)

With the exception of Lizardmom leaving, it sounds like it was a good birthday! I think I missed something though, Anders isn't there either? Did he leave today or he's been away already?

He left last weekend, business trip to Bangkok for 2 weeks: boo hoo! :(


Sounds like you had a well-deserved great birthday! :)

Too bad you had to say goodbye to your mom on this day of all, I bet she felt the same way!

Here is a hug for a great year to come filled with success and happiness! :)


At least I had her in the morning and for the 3-weeks-pre-birthday! :D

Happy, happy birthday to you L!

I consider your Iceland trip a great birthday gift-spending time with your family in a wonderful place. And what a precious way to celebrate your actual birthday-with your wonderful kiddos and the one who "brought you to this world," even if she was there for just part of the day. Sorry your hubby wasn't present, but am sure he'll make it up!


Thanks very much! :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Thank you :)

Oh yes, definitely a happy 29th! Hehe... You look beautiful, by the way. I've spent an inordinate amount of my life wishing for eyes AND hair that color, but they suit you better. :)

Also, I've finally read over your travel posts, and your trip looks like it was A-MAZ-ING. I can't wait until we make it to Iceland too. (We will go one day. We will.)

Haaa! And I've spent a bit too much time wishing for hair YOUR color (or long straight black Oriental hair at times) ... :)

Iceland was truly awesome, but wait until the kids are older and can really appreciate it :)

From Megsie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I was at a training ALL DAY yesterday and then went right to golf (I had to score-keep) with Sarah. I came home and collapsed and did not get to your post....I am SO SORRY I am one day late! I am so blessed that you are in my life and so happy that you were born. Who knew someone IN SWEDEN would have such a wonderful impact in my life? And that you have my dear. I hope this year of being 29 (again...) is filled with happiness and joy for you. Sending you LOVE! xoxo

Re: From Megsie

You don't need to be sorry! Belated birthday wishes means the birthday keeps going for another day! Whee!

happy b-day, hottie!

From the neck up, anyway :P

oh gorgeous YOU!!!

pucker up for me and I am gonna KISS you happy birthday!! Cannot believe I am gonna get to see you and linda SOON!!!!! cannot wait-- loving on you so big time--- 29, sheesh, hardly a day over 28 girlfriend!

xoxo, E

Re: oh gorgeous YOU!!!

hahaa! I can't wait, either!! Need to figure out what to bring!


Twenty-nine is always a good year. :)


So true! :D

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