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No shooting stars for us tonight, though I can see a glimmer of clear sky near the horizon at the outer edges of the solid cloud cover that blankets us. It's cold out, too, dipping down into the lower teens (Celsius), a chill reminder that summer is fleeting and layers are essential in this northern clime.

It's been an up and down day of really good things and bummers of the lighter variety. A friend I see much too seldom had to cancel our get-together plans for spending the evening talking non-stop. I had an excellent sushi lunch with brief_therapy (another friend I see too seldom). I got lots of things done at work today. The artichokes I fixed for dinner tasted weird and had a strange consistency to the leaves, so we ended up not eating them: what a waste!

Then, Martin and I spent a hilarious hour and a half working on putting together a tipsrunda for the crayfish party we are hosting next weekend. We laughed our heads off, so much so that I gave myself a headache and had to medicate. Now that's funny!

A tipsrunda or tipspromenad seems to be a uniquely Swedish tradition, and it doesn't seem to be easily translatable, at least not literally. It's basically a quiz gone walkabout. Runda means round, circuit, tour or walk. Swedes do tipsrundas during school field trips, at parties, at scout gatherings, whenever & wherever. A tipsrunda consists of 10+ questions, plus a tie-breaker question, each separately printed on a piece of paper and hung up along a given route, often outside. Each participant is given a piece of paper to fill in their name and answers on, and the one with the most right answers wins (sometimes a prize, sometimes just the honor of winning).

The questions are ALWAYS in multiple choice format and there are ALWAYS three answers to choose from. If you are creating a tipsrunda with a Swede and try to put more choices you will be quickly smacked down. And the answers are ALWAYS numbered like this:






The X is sacrosanct and MUST be included. I haven't found anyone, in 14.5 years, who could explain to me the origin or reasoning behind the 1 X 2 format.

Anyway, it was a good thing Martin was helping me, since I had to do it all in Swedish and kept mispelling things and mistakenly typing å when I meant ä and vice versa. :D

I have a habit of sending myself email reminders all the time. Appointments to put on the calendar, things to do, books to put on the wish list, things to remember to tell Anders, things to print out, etc. The other day at work I was talking with one of my American colleagues and she was lamenting that she didn't have anyone to go see HP72 with. I said we hadn't seen it yet and she was welcome to go with us, but I needed to find a free evening and would have to consult my calendar at home. So, while she was standing there, I sent an email to my home email with the subject line "Find movie date for Harry Potter" and in the body of the email I wrote:

And let Michelle know

And hit the Send button. Only to have her exclaim, "Did you just SIGN your email reminder to yourself??" and when I sheepishly replied in the affirmative, she laughed like a loon at me. I type too fast, you see, and I type a million emails a day, and it just flies off my fingers before I think.

I did it again just now, while sending the tipsrunda documents to myself at work to print out while Martin was watching, and again, I was laughed at like a loon. *sigh*

PS: If you are hosting a crayfish party and would like a copy of the tipsrunda (there are a couple of questions you will have to change out as they are Ek/Flyinge-specific), let me know!
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From Megsie

What a fun party! Have you ever won?

I email myself all the time too. You know what doesn't work? When you ignore the emails you send yourself. Yeah. That only happens occasionally though....

Sorry your day was like a see-saw. Hope it is all happy from here on out. At least the good things were REALLY GOOD and the bad things were just disappointing.

Sending you a Gigantic Hug! (Just 'cause I wanna.)

Re: From Megsie

I don't think I've ever won a tipsrunda, but I've come close. They're usually hard unless they are done with kids in mind :) Some of our questions are hard, but there are a couple of gimmes to make up for them :)

G says it comes from betting on football matches and it's the one column for if you think the team on the left will win, X if you think it will be a draw, 2 if you think the team hon the right will win. You go to the bookie (or the Svenska Spel) hand in your stryktipset (the sheet you marked up) and if your bets are all right, you win money.

Malmo FF - Goteborg 2
Stockholm - Trelleborg1
Ystad - Helsingborg X

So in this example, I bet that Goteborg and Stockholm will win, and it will be a tie between Ystad and Helsingborg. That's tipa, so a tipsrunda follows that same format. That's why there have to be three. As for why the soccer betting goes 1X2 instead of ABC or any other three digits, he didn't really know, it has always been that way. He said blame Svenska Spel.

I totally buy that explanation. The 1X2 format has puzzled me for years, but I'm sure G is right.

Wow! Tell G thank you! I had never heard this, and can't believe no one I've ever asked has been able to explain it. It sure makes sense!


That's the explanation I would have given too. We used a tipspromenad (I think that's what we call it most of the time up here, tipsrunda is also used I guess but not as much) at a customer event at my old job even. The winner got a free sanitary or heating installation. It's a good way to learn fun facts about a person, a place or whatever else. :)


Maybe "tipsrunda" is the Skånska version of "tipspromenad" :)

For what it is worth, it seems nowadays the 1X2 syntax for betting is used in multiple countries and languages. I'd suppose the English might have been the first, since they were betting on football games already in the 1880's while Swedes didn't start with that until the 1920's; the legal form Stryktipset premiered in 1934. Why the X marks a draw is an interesting question though, but X has been used for many purposes through the centuries so it might have been a good "wildcard" character/letter.

how funny. i send myself email reminders constantly... but never sign them.
in fact, my messages are subject line only ;)

I DO send subject line only messages to myself, too, but usually I have more to say, and then I ...invariably...sign them. Hee!

Me me! No no! Not me-me, Me - send a copy of your tipsrunda to - Me.


I would love your copy of you tipsrunda from Aug 2011 if you still have it. I am planning to do it for our Valborg celebration next weekend, and I would love some ideas of what questions to ask.

Re: Tipsrunda

I am happy to send it if you give me an email address! :)

Your method of emailing yourself notes is great. Although I send my self email reminders too, I leave most of my notes to myself on my draft folder/& not hit "send."

Amusing re 1 X 2 answer pattern for the tipsrunda questions. I wonder if the odds are greater that the right answer would be the one marked X? ;)

Yesterday I sent an email reminder to myself and in addition to signing it, I put XOXO ! Hee!

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